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  1. This sounds very different and interesting. I'll have to give it a try. I like your colorful and festive looking card, too.
  2. Here's my second one for July. @Laura I chuckled over your response about your "simpler" life with only (ONLY!) one job, a husband, a dog, and your home, even if your home is a camper. Whew! I always enjoy reading your pages and seeing your fabulous photos.
  3. SRO DLAT 85x11 Super Simple; SRO Rustic Timbers; BMU Menagerie
  4. Florida granny

    My July

    Your layouts always give me a smile. I wish I was sharing those cannoli! Lovely colorful page! I love that purple/orange combo.
  5. The kids are adorable and I think the pool is a great idea. I love the photo of pup on the slide. I also like the sun element with your month title.
  6. Mazes sure can be tricky! I'm glad it all turned out well, LOL. I like the photos and the small elements you added around the page.
  7. Florida granny


    I love the OOB and framing here along with that wonderful wood background. Great photo!
  8. Beautiful! I like both layouts but love the layering and soft blues here.
  9. Florida granny

    Primeval Forest

    I visited Muir Woods several years ago and still am impressed by those magnificent trees. I like the perspective in your large photo and love the tree-textured background paper here and falling leaves elements.
  10. The sepia tones here are compelling; they add a little mystery to your gorgeous page.
  11. He's a precious sweetie and I love the hearts you made around his photo. Great bg technique, too!
  12. I love your mix of lovely photos and always-interesting journaling. The semi-circular frames floral elements add gracefulness to the page, too.
  13. Florida granny

    PL Week 27

    Oh, gosh, this is amazing, getting all those photos! Wow. I love the fireworks in the corner, too.
  14. Florida granny

    PL Week 28

    I love the photos you took this week --- they are perfect for your visual diary. Ugh about the bone spurs. I sure hope you don't feel them too often, but at least you know why you are in pain. Gorgeous sunset!
  15. @Jane in N.Z @MariJ Congratulations, ladies! and happy shopping!
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