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  1. Here's mine: Berry Balsamic Baked Apples
  2. Silvia Romeo: My Cookbook; BMU Autumn Jewel; Fonts are Carlson Two and Century Gothic.
  3. I love the whole woodsy look of your page. Those owls are fascinating, too.
  4. This is fabulous! I love the photos and the OOB effects on the alpha.
  5. Oh, sweet! I love that alpha and this was a great way to use it. Congratulations on your upcoming 50th anniversary!
  6. Thanks for a fun and different kind of challenge. Here's my layout.
  7. SNU Wildflowers Alpha; ABR Stack Them 4 - frames; SNU She Wore Flowers; Font: Maldives.
  8. Oh I definitely have to give this a try. I love the illustrations -- they all look refreshing and delightful. Thanks for the recipe!
  9. Wow, what a great photo! It's amazing to see the ospreys so young. I love the design of your page, and the added green looks lovely with all the neutrals. Perfect quote, too.
  10. What a pretty card! The recipe sounds yummy, too. I like homemade smoothies and hardly ever make them. I'll have to give this one a try.
  11. This is fabulous! And inspiring. I might have to give this a try. Of course, she and those photos are super sweet, too.
  12. That's such a cool technique! I like how it turned out. I also like your journaling on this pretty page.
  13. I love your journaling and seeing lovely Nedelene as a baby and small child. I'm not good at suggestions but do think planning a page is easier (for me at least) if I use a ready-made template. I think SG has some tutorials on clusters, too, that you could check out. They might give you more confidence. I like the happy mood of this page and the use of a clock showing time.
  14. That's so clever to have one photo upside down illustrating your theme. I like the graceful ribbon you added, too.
  15. Those kids keep getting bigger! It's good that you are able to get together despite the lockdown. As always, I like your color combo and your wonderful photos.
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