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  1. This looks like great fun! I love all the happy smiles and the great photos. The whole page made me smile.
  2. Great challenge, Conda. I need to do some backing up.
  3. Sweet, sweet photos. And you do the best clusters! I love the prettiness and softness of your whole page.
  4. Omigosh, this is wonderful! What a great story and I love the little frog pictures. I love the design of your page and will have to check out that frame; it looks terrific here. I also love your creative title work. Just a super page and a great story. PS - I'm back after seeing the frame clusters. I didn't realize you put the dark blue edging on the page yourself. Stroke of genius!
  5. Captain April: Thanks so much for a wonderful World Tour! We had loads of fun. @Boatlady @Belle @Jane in N.Z @MariJ @mimes1 @Tracy and all the other SG travelers: It was great traveling with you. (And I'm glad the horse found its way back home.... and that the polar bear doesn't bite!)
  6. It looks like they are enjoying the game and I had to look twice to see if those were statues in the water. I love how you arranged your photos and your mix of frame shapes. Great background, too.
  7. Florida granny

    WT #8

    I could look at photos of these two all day. I love their little teepee; it seems to be giving them lots of fun. (Perfect title, of course, lol). I especially like the little polar bear cub on you page and the heart. Beautiful page!
  8. What treasures these photos are! Wow! I'm so glad you found them and shared them with us. It's so interesting to see a real polar bear rug, too. I think they'd have to be made of acrylic or something now. I love your icy white background and the snowflakes and alpha, but I agree with Marilyn, above: the photos steal the show.
  9. Lukas is getting so big! I love your photos and especially "Lukas's" journaling. I also especially like the interesting background you gave the page and the little fish you added.
  10. She looks so comfortable and at home on her horse, and she's become quite accomplished. I love the photo frames you used and how you added a photo frame piece in your background. I also like the bits of grungy dirt you added. Great page!
  11. Fabulous NYC photos! I love how you arranged them and added the skyline in the background and the plane overhead (a frequent sight, as you know. ) Wonderful page! I'm loving looking at it.
  12. I was born there but haven't been back in a while so this trip is great fun! I'm enjoying seeing all the sights with my SG friends, and, so far, everyone is behaving..... I think. At least I haven't seen anyone hanging out of a tall building! 😮 Yay for Captain April getting us show tickets, too! Meanwhile, here's my Canada-NYC page. The fifth photo is blended into the background.
  13. BMU BG Blenders II; SRO Washed Wood paper; BMU SSEmb: SFrame Clusters; SNU Wildflowers Alpha; CXW Spring is Natures - leaves and flower; font: Riviera.
  14. Your persistence paid off. You got some wonderful photos! I love your background and the softly blended swirls you added. It's so cool to see the kingfisher with his wings spread out.
  15. That's such a beautiful photo of all of you with gorgeous Sedona in the background. I love your blending and simple frame. Mostly I love your title.
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