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  1. That looks like a lovely... and yes... peaceful place to walk. I love the light in your photos and the beautiful mix of green papers you've used in the background.
  2. What a great photo! I agree with the sentiment, too. I love all the hearts in your background and the pretty mix of colors.
  3. Florida granny


    I love this page! Good for "Grandpa" starting Lena off on yoga. That's a beautiful and tender photo of the two of them, and I love the word art strip below it. Great flower cluster, too.
  4. I love how the sepia tone in that sweet photo looks with the aqua colors on the page. Gorgeous blending, too. I especially like how you've mixed a geometric paper with the floral. The more I look at the page the more I see how beautifully you've put it all together.
  5. Lovely page! I especially like how you brought in touches of black. They look terrific with the fencing in the photo. I also like your idea of framing your journaling. Very creatively done!
  6. That looks like a beautiful flower farm! I love your idea for showcasing the different papers, too. It all came together beautifully.
  7. What a sweet photo! I love that he reads to his little sister. It looks like they have a nice cozy reading spot, too. I love the glitter you added and your beautiful blending. The aqua colors here are so soft and pretty,
  8. Oh, Lukas looks so adorable!!! I love that snowman with him. I really like the double framing here (and on your other winter page) and, here, those swirls are perfect. They add to the wintery look to the page. Now you have me singing along.
  9. This is beautiful, Belle! It's a perfect photo for winter and I love how you've shown it. That background is gorgeous and I especially like the snow and lovely flower cluster you've added.
  10. Lucy is a delightful and beautiful little fairy and looks wonderful surrounded by all that amethyst glitz. I love how the OOB makes it look like she's reaching for the jewel.
  11. As always, you got super photos! I love your blended background and touches of natural elements, all soft and subtle, keeping our focus on those wonderful birds.
  12. You got great photos of the birds in their rookery! I like the soft amethyst colors blended in the background. It looks like dawn.
  13. I hadn't heard of a "bog bridge" but can see what it is from your photos. What a great idea! You got some great photos of the workers. I like your slightly muddy background, lol, and the hardware you added to the page.
  14. I love seeing how Max and Lucy are growing and also seeing those big happy smiles. What cuties! I see Max has good taste in cars. I love the beautiful colors on your page and the gorgeous watercolor accents.
  15. These are amazing, Belle! You do such beautiful work and I'm so glad you've shared the photos with us. They are a delight to see. Good for Esti! It looks like she is following in your footsteps.
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