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  1. I wonder what Grace will choose. There are lots of great goodies here!
  2. Thank you so much! It's a great template.
  3. I chuckled at your comment about the demented snowflake then I looked at the photo again... and have to agree with you. In its own way, however, it's gorgeous. You took a wonderful picture and I love how you accented it with the white.
  4. Beautiful winter page! I love the photo and the deep shadowing. I also like the frosty additions to the snowflakes.
  5. They are so beautiful! And so are your photos. I love the rich background and touches of gold here.
  6. I just backed up... thanks for the reminder!! Here's one of the photos, a memory from a few days ago. Thanks for a great challenge!
  7. I keep a file for just the current month's purchases and copy its contents into my scrapbooking file on my computer. That way I know what's new, and at the end of the month I just move them onto my external hard drive. (I hope I'm making sense.)
  8. This is one of the memories I recently backed up. BMU SSDLA Grungeblock; fonts: Impact and Graphite Standard.
  9. That's a great sweater! I laughed out loud. Great job!
  10. This is fabulous! I love the series of photos and especially like seeing Julianne's "village." She's one lucky baby. And, yikes!, she's standing! I'm guessing she'll keep her family on their toes for sure. Pretty blending and I like the little trees you added.
  11. Oh, I love Italian deli markets! I want to just start and one end and eat my way to the other, lol. Great photos here! I especially like the red, green and white stripes along with your food-related clusters.
  12. Charlotte looks adorable with Honey! What a delightful photo! I love your blending and the great title work.
  13. That must have been so interesting to see the buildings being made. I love your photos and the green frames against the red. I enjoyed your journaling, too.
  14. You always make me smile. I love your selfie and the pretty page you made for it. Lovely blending and lovely clusters, too.
  15. This week's color combo is especially striking, IMO. I love the bright photos against the low saturated background paper. And that camera cluster is beautiful! I always enjoy reading about your busy weeks.
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