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  1. Florida granny


    This just made me laugh out loud. Great photos! And I love that road and car on your background.
  2. Florida granny

    Snow Melt

    Beautiful photos and I especially like the water drops here.
  3. Florida granny

    Bright Fun

    How could you resist those eyes? I love the photos on angle and Cocoa Puff's bright toy. Pretty background and flowers, too.
  4. No green thumbs at my house either, unfortunately, though I hear it's good to plant marigolds near tomatoes (something about repelling bugs). Let us know how it all turns out. I love your bright background and lovely photos! And good luck with your garden!
  5. Good attitude! I love your bright and happy looking page and especially like that bluebird.
  6. Thanks for a fun color challenge! Here's mine: Lovely
  7. EBA Flirty Flamingo and Suddenly Summer; FLO Sweet Vintage - mask; kimeric: Sugar and Spice Journal cards. WA freebie from BHA Hummingbird Summer.
  8. You are getting close to 100 and I'm going to miss your thoughts of the day and the beautiful way you illustrate them. I love the subtlety here.
  9. I love the nostalgic look to your page. Interesting "then" and "now" photos!
  10. Florida granny

    Shell Tree

    So cool. That must have taken a lot of patience for someone. I love the photos and your "mat" of coral.
  11. Beautiful photo and a sweet page. I love the use of flairs here.
  12. Wow! What wonderful effects! beautiful page.
  13. You've made a great visual diary here combining your journaling and lovely photos. This will be a wonderful way to remember this part of your summer journey. (By the way, we spent a week in St. Augustine some years back and really enjoyed it and the surrounding area.)
  14. This sounds like a perfect summer dessert! I love your lemony card and the little dots of green for accents.
  15. I love how colorful this is. Beautiful page framing and clusters!
  16. Florida granny

    Day 95

    She amazes me how she can ride on two wheels so confidently. Yay, Lucy! Another fabulous page!
  17. Those long shadows are terrific! What a cool photo! I like how you framed the photo and the page with different colors.
  18. Florida granny


    You are too funny! Pretty page!
  19. Florida granny

    Sympathy Card

    This is beautiful. I love the sketched images and the mix of soft color with the black and white. Your cards are better than any I see in stores!
  20. Florida granny

    Retirement Card

    That's a marvelous card! I like how you personalized it to her talents. Lovely!
  21. What a cutie! I like the bubbles around the page.
  22. So sweet. I like the mix of papers you used.
  23. Yikes! I don't think so! Good for her, and good for you getting the images. Lovely page. I especially like the arrows and the textures on the page.
  24. What a lovely tribute to your dear Pirate! The footsteps fading away are a poignant image.
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