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  1. May 3rd is Wild Koala Day
  2. ACU_SSDLO-Album_12x12_MultiPhotos_Lifted10, aimeeh_itssewmice_emb_knitting, aimeeh_itssewmice_emb_mouse3
  3. BMU_PureWhite_Paper_Crease, Alligator font
  4. Such beautiful photos scrapgran, so colourful and cheery
  5. Thanks for another fun week Mikelle Here's MINE Day 1: LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_Red, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_MultiTriangles, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_RedStripe Day 2: LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Parrot, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Helm, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Leaf_DkGreen, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_BWPirate x 2, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_RedPainted x 2, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_WhitePainted x 2, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_TreasureChest_Open, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Charm_Octopus Day 3: LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_MultiStripe, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Ribbon_Curled1 Day 4: Pirate Kids, Pirate of the Seaside, Blackoak Std fonts, PJU_sept_bloom_el(16) Day 5: LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Charm_AnchorRope, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_BlackPainted, bhs_opendoors_watch Day 6: SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301
  6. nanna jo


    Such a sweet happy adorable face!
  7. Addison sure is a cutie! The soft colors are perfect for your layout!
  8. ACU_SSDLO-Album_12x12_MultiPhotos_Lifted9 Comic Book Collection
  9. I love your afghan and how you've scrapped it! I must look the pattern up, I'm always interested in beautiful patterns.
  10. Faded Rose - Grey papers, Ink Spill Blenders VCR_TheFamilyWeChoose_accent2, VCR_TheFamilyWeChoose_mixedmedia-butterfly, VCR_TheFamilyWeChoose_frenz7, VCR_TheFamilyWeChoose_flower, VCR_TheFamilyWeChoose_weeds2, JRA_FreshGreens_Emb_Flower, JRA_FreshGreens_Emb_Leaf2 Page Border - AFT_SSPPaper_AssortEdges1_2 SNU_EverydayStories_Alpha2-g, Bahnschrift font DBH_beforeyougo_flower6, Crazy Plant Lady Glitter Drop Shadow
  11. I love the chevron and how you grunged it! You are an inspiration with your layouts Andrea!
  12. This was fun thanks Andrea Here's MINE
  13. Barlow font 19 Hearts Collection Biggie, SNU_SSDLT_ShapeOfThings-Hearts_12x12, SNU_SSEmb_MaskMe-4_Mask
  14. DRB_BohoGarden_Floral_06 LLO_BloomPlant_EmbBig_Leaf3 JRA_FreshGreens_Paper_1 SNU_SSDLT_Blendability-1
  15. I'm using a photo of my paternal grandparents and I used these papers - BMU_FadedRose_Gray_Paper_Gray, BMU_FadedRose-Gray_Paper_LtGray, BMU_FadedRose_Gray_Paper_Text and used ink spills blenders to blend them. I hope it was okay to use the blenders?
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