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  1. This week's words have been added to post number two above.
  2. @Belle Sorry about that, entirely my fault. I am going to blame the heat and age.
  3. I have used some close ups of some flowers from my garden. Garden Flowers
  4. Some close ups of flowers that I have had in my garden over the years. Weeds & Wildflowers Collection White Space Volume 54 - 12x12 Temps
  5. This week we have a photography challenge for you. Close-ups Your challenge is to scrap a close-up photo/s. It is up to you how you scrap the photo but the photo/s must be a close-up. Have fun and when you are finished post your layouts in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  6. Post number two has been updated with your words for this week.
  7. Post number two has been updated with your words for this week. Remember you don't have to do a layout for every word, unless you wish to. You don't have to post your creations in order. If you didn't see Anne-Marie's question, you do not have to create a scrapbook layout. Cards, ATCs and art journal layouts are also allowed.
  8. @A-M Yes absolutely. Cards and ATCs are all fine. What ever you feel works for that word.
  9. Wow, you have all done so well. Here are the winners; Traditional Bingo The following all win a $3 Gift Certificate; scrapgarden, Florida granny and A-M. Non-Traditional Bingo The following all win a $5 Gift certificate; docsheila1 and KarenDiamond. Blackout Bingo The following all win a $10 Gift Certificate; barbaraj, belle, Jane in N.Z, GraceJ and Pab. Now for the big winners; Florida granny wins the $25 Gift Certificate docsheila1 wins the $30 Gift Certificate belle wins the $40 Gift Certificate
  10. This is an example of how to create your post so we can track how many layouts you have completed. I'm In! Time - [add link here] blue - [add link here] bright - [add link here]
  11. Here is where I will post your words. Remember you can interpret each word however you wish. Week One 1st - Time 2nd - Blue 3rd - Bright Week Two 5th Sunny 6th Food 7th Round 8th Cool 9th Book 10th Animal Week Three 12th Yellow 13th Flower/Flour 14th Number 15th Memory 16th Vintage 17th Wheels Week Four 19th Toy 20th Pink 21st Wings 22nd Cloud 23rd Feet 24th Music
  12. One Word Just one This month's forum game is a mix of many different words, a different word for each day (Monday to Saturday). At the beginning of each week I will reveal the words for that week, in the next post of this thread. It is up to you how you use the word to create a layout. For example; one of the words this week is bright. You could create a layout using bright colours. What about a photo with someone wearing something bright. It could be bright sunlight. Or even a layout about a bright (smart) person. Maybe you have a story about someone's bright ide
  13. This is an example of how we would like you to record which layouts you have left some love/words on. 1: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/193202-i-love-you/ 2: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/193202-i-love-you/ 3: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/193202-i-love-you/ 4: [insert next link] 5: [Insert another link]
  14. We are going to finish off Sale-A-Bration week with a fun and favourite game: 💖Leave Some Love💖 The object of this game is simple. Go explore the gallery, and leave some love/words of encouragement on all those amazing layouts. Now for the rules: Start a post in this thread that you will edit throughout the day. Go to the gallery and leave a meaningful comment on a layout (let’s just not leave “great layout” let’s tell them what we love about it or what we think they did well when creating it). You can leave love/words on any layout, from any gallery.
  15. Here is my layout of my grandfather William
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