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  1. Hi Mikelle! There is just SO much to take in!!! I mean, I've only got PSE, which is not the full blown Photoshop, and there are submenus within menus and different combinations of all the parameters you mentioned can change how the "brush" looks. It's a little overwhelming. I keep dipping my toe in the water, but then don't actually get in the pool. Not this time! I'm determined to stick with this and learn more about it, so I can play more.
  2. Thanks Linda! That helps. I saw some that are like what you describe only with glitter. That really confused me b/c I couldn't seem to get past what I think of as brushes; which is what real brushes are. Am slowly getting my head around to what PSE means when they call something a "brush". Am working on tweaking the given brushes that come with PSE. Who knew there were ALL those ways to change how a "brush" looks???? It's a WHOLE new world out there!
  3. Really newbie question here about "brushes". I've been reading what I can find here and online, as well as watching YouTube (YT) videos on the subject, but haven't really found anything that actually explains what I'm wondering about with "brushes". I put brushes in quotes b/c it seems in Photoshop Elements (PSE) they are not just actual brushes, but shapes and images of other things that can be made into "brushes". To me, the whole thing with "brushes" seems to be they are like real brushes, stamps (like rubber stamps) and those stamps can also be dragged to create a different affect,
  4. Most definitely! Any photos that I'm working with are already duplicated. I never touch the originals, except to copy. I also keep the zip files of the scrapping stuff I've bought, so if I mistakenly do mess up the original I have that to go back to. I have several different backups of all my files (I do a lot of genealogy), so yeah, it's a whole thing.
  5. Thanks Angie! I think that answers my question. Whenever I've done stuff with just my photos and making my own page layouts, I give whatever project I'm working a new name, and didn't really think about what was going on. Especially with my own photos, which never seemed to be changed or disappear or whatever. So to make sure I'm understanding what's going on here, this is what I think is happening. I have all my stuff that I'm using for a project in the PSE13 photo bin. When I drag whatever up to my 12x12 sheet, what's actually being placed there is a copy of the original. Since it's
  6. OK, I've done next to none digital scrapbooking and absolutely none using an actual kit (paper, embellishments, etc). Found a kit that I want to use for a project, so bought and download and all of that. I have PSE13 and am wondering when I "bring in" my supplies (paper, embellishments, photos, ... ) and I go to use them, am I supposed to make a duplicate of everything so I preserve the original and don't lose it? A lot of videos I've watched some do this and some don't, so wondering what the deal is. TIA!
  7. Very nicely done! Love the curve on the photo!
  8. Wazzy

    Lazy Summer Days

    What a fun page! Love the tear around the photo. Also amazing how you got so many kids to sit still long enough for the photo! Great memories, I'm sure!
  9. Wazzy

    week 2 completed

    The blending on this photo really caught my eye! Wonderful job and wonderful memory!
  10. Wazzy

    week 2 beach final

    This looks gorgeous!
  11. Very nice! The colors and journal are exactly right!
  12. Very nice! Fathers are so very special!
  13. Funny how problems or mistakes force me to learn how to use Photoshop. And boy, am I learning a LOT!

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      It's kind of a love/hate thing with me and PSE. I do see how powerful it is though.


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      you got it, just keep going--missed seeing you post.

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