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  1. Please take me off the list as I don't think I'll be able to keep track of all this one.
  2. Count me in! There's always one item that everyone wants and we all fight over it!
  3. Oh, where did I put my knitting needles. Need one of those!
  4. Journal Artsy by Marlene Peacock
  5. I'm in! Week 1 (11/28-12/4) Week 2 (12/5-12/11) Week 3 (12/12-12/18) Week 4 (12/19-12/25) Week 5 (12/26-1/3)
  6. barbaraj

    Nov 25

    Of a Feather by Chere Kaye Designs
  7. The bright surface is giving me a headache and don't like the dark one. Going to skip this update.
  8. Dark Magic by Aimee Harrison Designs
  9. Nov 3 stacked patterned papers Here
  10. Our Wintry Woods by Aimee Harrison Designs
  11. Thanks for the fun Bingo Event and the great prizes.
  12. This is how the short days of November hit me. Here
  13. Dark Magic by Aimee Harrison Design This is how November hits me.
  14. Free Fallin' by Aimee Harrison Designs
  15. Friends Forever by CarolW Designs
  16. @angleigh I just got one a minute ago but wasn't sure what it was for. Now I know!
  17. Love how you enhanced that great photo and the swirly lines going up to the flower cluster really gives your layout some pizazz.
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