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  1. Talk about restrictions wait tell you take a look at the rewards. 25% for doing the required layouts when you can get the new kits for 20% off the day they come out. So in my mind that makes it a %5 reward. (Oscraps) Plus you can't use it on bundles. The Lily Pad is basically the same and coupons on some special events are always just $3. What?!! Oh my that really fits into my budget. You hardly ever win anything at Sweetshop and don't get me started on Pickleberry Pop. Rant rant. Yes, girls I've been around. For years. And let's face it ---we'll never find a site as generous as SG.  I have been so coupon oriented and driven for so long. I have to get it out of my system. Any ideas how I can do that. Anyone want to send me a million dollars so I don't have to try for coupons anymore? Oh, it's so fun to rant. :dancingcow:

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  2. 48 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    Oh well, I guess we'll keep posting until we can't..

    I had to laugh at this! Yes, we're getting out last Hoorah in no matter what we're saying or babbling about. I am going to cry when I delete my SG file from my stash. (after moving all the kits elsewhere.) A lot I moved to my Gingerbread file. Will start a new file titled Unknown Kits as I don't know where I'll use them. Maybe the designer will show up somewhere later. I wish more of them would let us know where they are going but maybe they don't even know yet.  

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  3. 40 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    so by including retired you mean you can't use them?

    If a designer is still there but you have some of their retired products you can still use them. (You many not find it in the store but as long as the designer is listed there you could use the kits you have)

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  4. 1 hour ago, MariJ said:

    I'm not sure what their layout requirement percentages

    layout requirements 80% GS products including retired if designer still there.
    I have to admit it's a little too big for me but still play there.
    I still like Just Art as you can use anything you want and there are about 20 challenge a month. No links as no store. Seem like a friendly bunch but haven't joined yet. Stalking stalking. I think that's what we're all doing. 😛

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  5. My heart is heaving as I learn about this scrapbooking icon that's going to disappear forever. It's like a family member dying.
    As I go through the my gallery reading all the wonderful comments that have been left for my layouts I see the great personalities of all of you and how much you have encouraged me. 
    The monthy mix of so many challenges has brought great joy to my life since I joined in 2012. 
     I wish you the best Angie in the future.  You've been amazing as the owner of this great site and for giving me
    so many fond memories. Thank you!

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