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  1. Happy Birthday Evelyn! Enjoy your very special day today!!

  2. BMU_Zoomba_Paper_Black; EMS Mixed Up Pieces; DEB_Brush_FormalGrungeAlpha My great niece on the left ... I love that she's secure enough to rock her style
  3. super ... a lot of photos and still a lot of white space ... great job
  4. what a page for him ... your pages are always awesome, Debby!
  5. those shades of blue are perfect for his eyes and clothes ... excellent page
  6. I can almost taste them Marie-Christine! Lovely page.
  7. I had to take a close look at this wonderful purple page ... awesome flowers and layout, Laura!
  8. all these yellows are wonderful together; I love rock walls
  9. GrannieEv

    Monday 518

    ABR_SSPaper_ArtCanvas_5 STI_Eggciting_Paper EBA_Afresh_Paper SG_PlayfulNotions http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/130837-footsteps/
  10. this is so pretty, Kelly, really nice
  11. great vintage card, Diane and perfect saying!
  12. Andrea, you nailed this one! Love all those tapes.
  13. Ha ... I embrace that rule ... nice colors
  14. You put a lot of work into this, Kelly. It's a wonderful quote
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