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    A bad day of retiremnet is still better than a good day at work.

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  1. Boatlady


    GWH_Scribble, CWX_StoryOfAutumn, About a mile from our next campground in Hardeeville SC an unlicened, uninsured driver decided to change from the stopped turn lane to accelerate through the intersection. She was on her phone and made no attempt to slowdown so she rammed right into us. An eyewitness made a statement to the police. Our camper was un-towable because the axle was bent so it was hauled to the tow yard. The door was so damaged we could not look in, the stairs were ripped off but once we got in. This is what we saw, our brand new camper in shambles! The new truck is fine and
  2. I love that...how sweet. You are lucky to have those great neighbors.. Super page.
  3. Boatlady


    Beautiful photos and the quote perfect.
  4. Boatlady


    This is simply gorgeous...is she a relative of yours?
  5. It is with great sadness to say "we are back home in Florida"

    So no 9 week trip this year!!!.

    Our travel trailer was hit and un-towable maybe even totaled. All involved are unhurt and our new truck is fine. We spent 5 hours yesterday unloading it into a u-haul the 6 hours today driving back. It happened in Hardeeville SC . So sad.

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Debby what an awful thing to have happened when you were looking forward to this long vacation but I'm so glad to hear you are both ok and safe. Hugs to you :) 

    3. Connie Prince

      Connie Prince

      How disappointing!  I'm so glad that everyone was unharmed!

    4. Celestine


      Oh, Debby, that must have been awful! I know you were anticipating your road adventures this summer. It is good to hear nobody was hurt. 

  6. Boatlady

    PL Week 15

    Stunning photos. Your journaling is fabulous.
  7. Boatlady

    PL Week 16

    So interesting and gorgeous photos to go with your wonderful journaling.
  8. Yippee you are all set now! Very cool page with happy faces.
  9. We start our "glamping" trip North today. 9 week vacation from retirement...LOL I will have sporadic internet so hope to be able to keep up here.

  10. Here is my #2 newsprint. I hope to get more done but we start travel today.
  11. Youngest grandson with his first trophy for winning the fishing derby. with his two best friends who won 2nd and 3rd place. DBH_flamingocove, BMU_Menagerie and Anchors.
  12. Boatlady


    So pretty...I just love Iris and you got some great photo of these. I love the shape of your frames and the scattered arrangement.
  13. Where did that year go??? wow already a year old. This is so adorable. Happy Birthday little girl. I love those water color balloons.
  14. That is a very beautiful card. I hope the person who receives it appreciates it. Super work.
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