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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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  1. This is gorgeous. That must have been a really cool boat ride. Super background blending and embellishments.
  2. not an extraction...it's the photo I took with my 600MM lens!
  3. I used a photo I took that ended up with an ombre look in the background Here
  4. What a fun face to scrap...Super fun colors and circle frame.
  5. DRB_YouAreLoved blended into photo.Lyrics Beatles song Blackbird from internet. Journaling-Blackbird” is Paul McCartney’s hopeful essay on the Civil Rights Movement and the “End of Racism in America”. McCartney’s foot can be heard tapping throughout the song. This ombre photo is original and unaltered. I took it at Coral Bottom Coralville Lake in Iowa when we were camping there in 2022
  6. Boatlady


    You really nailed this one...super beautiful page. After all these years you are still so happy it's a true love story. I just love this page. You should print and frame this!!!
  7. Fun egg project..awesome photo of them. The papers are so pretty with the photo...super page
  8. Another interesting week of letters. super page with your wonderful photos
  9. CTH_TwoPageSpreads, SMU_CamillesGarden. My photos, Journaling-We went to Starkey Park and saw a cute baby racoon climbing a tree. Karyn and I went out on our little boat to put a turtle raft out in the middle of the pond, then we went over to visit with Roy and Maddie we had a nice chat and a few laughs. It was a nice day to be on the pond. Jay made smoked Mac n’ Cheese to take to the BIG game party at the club. He also made garlic parmesean chicken wings for the contest. Tony won first place, Jay was second so he was pretty happy. The party was fun with games, contests and lots of laughs. Monday Jay had chills and nausea all day so spent the day in bed. I went through my phone moving 1,300 pics to my computer getting it ready for this summer trip. I started a new book. I went grocery shopping. I stopped at the post office to mail some of the blood oranges that I grew to each of the kids, I hope they enjoy them as much as we do. I am making more reservations for our summer camping trip, I dropped of a huge bag of clothes to Hospice. Valentines Day was a huge disappointment...Jay didn’t even buy me a card...I guess after 53 years this is how it is, we hung around chatting with Spencer for a little while till it got chilly. I got a much needed haircut. I made a strawberry trifle dessert for our bunko night gathering. I used Birds custard with some of the vanilla I brought back from Honduras so it was really delicious, everyone loved it. I lost at Bunko as always but it was fun getting togeter with everyone. We took a little walk at Eagle Park, it’s close, small but near the water and mangroves so I love it. The chryslis on the flower pot emerged but was struggling in the wind so I brought it into my habitat then set it free once the wings dried. I made a big pot of potato bacon soup then made homemade crouton for it. I took some to Nancy because she likes it.I thought it was delicious Jay had seconds so it must have been good. Jay went over to Tony’s, he took pizza and antipasto since he has to stay idle after his lung biopsy. George stopped by so the three of them spent some time together. We went to Robert’s for smoked lunch, we were both disappointed we feel our little smoker makes more smoke taste. Jay’s potato salad was ok my coleslaw went into the garbage. I made Italian skewers for our Valentines Social, they look real pretty. We had a good time at the social.There were some new people so it was great getting to know them.
  10. Wow this is so emotional. It is the perfect collection for your tribute page. So sorry for your family loss.
  11. LOVE the retro collection for the photo...so perfect. You really made a wonderful page for the challenge. Look at the old cars in the background and their clothes so wonderful to have this photo. The photo treatment works really good for a vintage page.
  12. This is a very cool statue..I love the mask and blending into the grass from the photo.
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