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    A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work.

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  1. BMU and AFT_TheRitz Dear daughter and her hubby...where have the years gone...Happy day to them
  2. 2W_ArtsyGoods Dear daughter sent this selfie of her new haircut.
  3. So lucky you can go to Selby Gardens so often, I loved it when I went there. Mazzaros....so hard to find something to eat there...LOL.
  4. So very cool. I have a friend who takes photos like that ...I must learn how to do that. Super page.
  5. Boatlady

    Shell Tree

    MFish_BloomsInBloom3-template, BMU_Coastal photos by me and hubby For those of you who live inland..a shell tree is a tree or sticks in the beach sand that people put shells on. This one is not very big but it is always fun to look at them. This is on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island GA
  6. Kimeric-SheDrewNewLines, ABR_EclecticFall Photos from a hometown friend
  7. Journaling-Our next campsite brought us to Blithe Island Brunswick GA. Super location by the lake with lots of wildlife that were not afraid of people. We went to Jekyll Island to walk Driftwood Beach it was overcast and windy but still fascinating. We went to quick lunch at Tortuga Jacks then back to camper for a walk. Went to dinner at Fish Tales they had music bingo we didn’t play but we had a blast with the music. Off to our next site at Fort McAllister Civil War site. We toured the ruins which was very interesting then we has a quiet dinner. We went into Savannah for the day. We toured the Prohibition Museum and had a drink in the Speakeasy....so much fun. We had lunch at Fiddlers Crab House and Oyster Bar over looking the river then went to City Market to do a little shopping then we walked the cobblestone streets to Juliet Lows Birthplace- founder of Girl Scouts. We had drinks on the rooftop of the Bohemian over looking the river.We went over to check out Skidaway Island SP so we may try to stay there sometime.We checked out the tabby ruins of Wormsloe a 1736 colonial estate the a wonderful tour of PinPoint Heritage museum where the used to process oysters and blue crabs...our super tour guide was a decedent of slave family. Camp host Jan stopped by to chat with us, she ended up staying 1/2 hour...so nice. Rained all night and all day Saturday. We got some groceries. I cleaned, cooked and scrapped.
  8. our 4th time here so we see different stuff every time.
  9. BEE_SeaDreaming, MRE_Farmhouse,JZIUponaWatercolorSea-ret My photos---Jekyll Island GA. Last time we were here we did not find this easy access to this beach, we walked from the end so only saw a few trees.We found this mid-beach access and found this beach loaded with the driftwood. It was cloudy and very windy so pics are dull.
  10. Boatlady

    May 27

    LOL you are hilarous!!!
  11. Just beautiful and they look so happy.
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