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  1. Haven't figured out how to add thumbnail -- so....
  2. Newsletter-7-20-Redo Papers: ABR-Simplify &AJoyfulLife& CapturingMemories;; SNU-ES-CS-Woodmint:Flo-OceanTreasures (behind frame) Elements: Flo-SousLaPluie; ABR-Backroads; FLO-OceanTreasures; GWH-AutumnBlessings; ABR-LoveSong; AMD-Maya; CWX-Dream of Flowers; EB-Calypso; GWH-FallFarmhouse Font - AlexBrushPic: Mine The card was done as part of a tutorial by LindaSattgast (owl a stock photo)
  3. Mo Ch-#3-Sketch Paper: AMD-Maya (Blended with my photo) Elements: Flo-OceanTreasures; BED-Reminensence Pics: Mine Fonts: AidenScript
  4. My 4th -Duckies - Photo Close Up My 5th - Piper - WWC 7-17
  5. WWC-7-17-Monochrome Papers: llo-BloomWhereYou’rePlanted;ABR-Backgrounds (for “ribbon”) Elements: CRO-SwapMeet; CKH-FavoriteThings; DRB-Simple Pleasures Fonts: Adobe Casion; Aldan Script Pics: Mine
  6. I didn't even know what kind they were! A "city" girl! They are everywhere here at the KOA and people feed them so they are quite tame. We have one Mother with 6 chicks that I'm going to ry and get pic of before we leave---
  7. Love the treatment you gave this And you were lucky - I've had them bolt way too many times!
  8. Newsletter-7-13-CloseUp Papers: ABR-Efforless; AFT-ArtInLife Elements: GWH-MomentInTime; AFT-ArtInLife; ABR-BatterUp Fonts: Child’s Play; MyriadPro Pic: Mine (taken with my Power Shot from at least 20 feet (love this camera!)
  9. My 3rd - Newsletter-Miss Red Hot-
  10. Newsletter 7-6-Blending papers: LLO-FallSaps; cap-let’s Get Cozy; SNU-Wordsith; bed-bsT1(burlap);JRA-BohoGlitz; bed-Reminisence Elements: DRB-SimplePleasures; MRE-LayJournal; EMA-IntoTheWoods; BMU-Botanical; GWH-MomentInTime’ SNU-1-2BuckleMyShoe Fonts: Arial Bl; AlexBrush Photo: Mine
  11. My 1st: Ch. #2 angled My 2nd: WWC-Stars&Stripes
  12. WWC-7-3 Stars & stripes Papers: MRE Canyon; AMD-Maya Elements: snu-dyn BS TwinkleStars; FLO-Journal with me; Fonts: Architects’ daughter; Alex Brush; aphrodite slim Pic: Mine
  13. Papers: ABR-Effortless; GWH-AutumnBlessings; xuxper-2021-HappyNewYear; Elements: ABR-MillionThings; bed-reminisce Fonts: Antigue Pics: Mine
  14. I'm in! Going to be traveling so hope I can finish!
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