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  1. Mo #2- Newsprint Papers: GWH-SwapMeet; EBA-Calypso; ted-TheHighRoad Elements: GWH-Autumn Blessings (Mask) also with GWH-Swap Meet Paper; SNU-BubbleBrush (a class she had) Fonts: Diving (images on pics; BubbleMan & Bad Grunge (Title); Allura (journal) Pics: taken by instructor
  2. My 1st - Mo Ch #3 Patterned template
  3. WWC-5-1- Mo Ch. #3 - Patterned Template For the template background, ever eager to try something new, I used the tutorial suggested By Celestine of Susie Roberts’ on how to create a repeating pattern. Background Pattern Paper: AHA-AJoyfulLife Elements: ABR-Simplify & Backroads; bee-oneday; AFT-AIL Main Paper: bee-oneway; bed-gg-bsT1-6 CKH-EverdayGrace )used for frames) Main Elements: CWX-DreamOfFlower; bee-OneDay; BDS-PhotoOfLife; GHW-SummerGarden; DRB-Awakening; SNU-EverdayStories; SRO-GMaGarden Fonts: Almeria & Beasley Pics:
  4. Newsletter-4-27-Purple Papers: GWH-MomentInTime (2 papers); bed-reminiescence Elements: Color Chart from net; BMU-TheRitz; GWH-MomentsInTime (buttons, with color adjustments); LLO-BloomWherePlanted & AgateGalaxy; bee-OneDay; SNu_DynB-FancyStitches Font: Aleo Pic: Mine from my garden
  5. We've been there and I love the way you used it as a background. You captured what I felt was the serenity with your blending.
  6. You captured it wonderfully! We've been there 2x's as well as Zion. I really like the way you allowed the photos to shine with minimal elements.
  7. What a beautiful beach! We con't have them in Florida as soft as this looks (what we call "sugar sand"). Love the way you did the title and the blending amzing!
  8. Inspired by Jane in NZ  and Thank You /http://Inspired by Jane in NZ  http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/192167-aft_challenge-march/
  9. WWC-4-24 - Ocean sun Papers: EMA-HoneyGarden & Calypso; ABR-BatterUp; AFT-Blissful; BMU-Pumpkin Elements: ABR-Love Note (Mask) FLO-OceanTreasures (WA); BMU-Sunbursts (Brush); GWH- AutumnBlessings; ABR-Backroads; FLO-SousLaPluie; AHA-Snowbeautiful; BMU-CostaStyles(clipped with border) Font: LineSketch (filled with coastal sand style) Pics: Mine: Clearwater Beach and Every Beach in Fla. Inspired by Jane in NZ  http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/192167-aft_challenge-march/
  10. docsheila1

    Thank you so very much; but you have to have the wisdom to copy a talent😁
  11. What a wonderful and creative idea to put the journaling inside a tie shape! I have to remember this to keep in my inspiration file!!!
  12. BEAUTIFUL! The full background is unbelievable and your use of a simple layout and so very effective! I'm a sunset person but would even willingly get up early to see this amazing sunrise!
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