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  1. my 1st - rocks May 2016 Blarney Stone Papers: Background from net - no credit provided Elements: BMU-Botanical alpha; clipart shamrock and lep. Pics: Mine
  2. Put me on please -- I'm still trying to remember some stuff about links:(((
  3. Thank You! I'm just picking this up nd what a nice surprise! I've already told my girls!!!
  4. Please add me -- it's been wayyy too long for me after a huge computer problem!!!
  5. I had a horrible computer crash and many of my files were corrupted -- including about 40,000 image files from Scrapgirls (been doing it awhile!) I'm starting to try to reconstruct files but starting from the most recent (I did download February's) today and working backwards. I haven't been ale to find the Club monthly files. Help -- This is the only enjoyment pastime I have!!!
  6. OH WOW!! Wish I had your creativity!! The journal is perfect and the whole page magnificent!
  7. My first Mo. #1 Moon My 2nd: Mo. Stacks
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