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  1. I have a new kit and new magical textures and the black 
    Friday sale is on!

  2. The template did the most of it
  3. I just updated some products to the $2 treats take a look !

  4. Thank you Belle there is a tutorial in my youtube
  5. Artsy Textures Magical Gradients Mystical Women Magical Textures 2 (coming soon) https://store.scrapgirls.com/designers/2WorldsArt.html

    © 2WorldsArt

  6. New Video Using my mystical women, Artsy textures , Magical Textures 2 (coming soon) and magical gradients
  7. I have a new product in my shop these textures can be used for both photoshop and photoshop elements
  8. I have 2 new products today on sale at the store

  9. Beautiful art journal page you did exctly what I invision with my products a touch of realistic and Artsy !
  10. Artsy Template 17 glow papers Bliss kit All 2WorldsArt https://store.scrapgirls.com/designers/2WorldsArt.html

    © 2worldsart

  11. Jana_2worldsart


    Artsy template 17 Salted watercolor flowers stickers Waterbblends brushes all 2worldsart https://store.scrapgirls.com/designers/2WorldsArt.html

    © 2WorldsArt

  12. I have 2 templates new this week. Something that I do if you want to print a quick vacation book with the layouts or any Layouts I add my layouts to google photos and they have photo books I like the quality and its very very affordable great to give as a gift if you choose the 6x6 

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