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  1. I have a new kit and new magical textures and the black 
    Friday sale is on!

  2. I just updated some products to the $2 treats take a look !

  3. I have 2 new products today on sale at the store

  4. I have 2 templates new this week. Something that I do if you want to print a quick vacation book with the layouts or any Layouts I add my layouts to google photos and they have photo books I like the quality and its very very affordable great to give as a gift if you choose the 6x6 

  5. 45% Sale going on I would suggest my big Bloom collections and photoshop tools 

  6. I have a new set of Papers and 2 new set of stencils check the tutorial in the adobe photoshop for a video with them shop here

  7. I got fed up with the innability of wacom to update their drivers to mac on time right now who has sonoma cant use their tablets . If you want to create with brushes to create artsy a tablet makes a difference also reduces hand and shoulder pain. I got a brand and I'm really satisfied XP-PEN you can get a small for $29!!  here is a link its not a affiliate it's just a direct link.

    1. MariJ


      Thanks Jana!   I saw on your video that you couldn't use your tablet because you were waiting for a Wacom update, what a pain that is.   I have to check to see - right now I'm on Ventura OS.    I looked at your link and right now the small $29 tablet has a 20% off coupon, that's a great deal!

    2. Jana_2worldsart


      Yes And so far has been great

  8. I have 3 new products in my store 2worldsart  one of them a great kit called cozy with a bonus brush set. plus some styles a new series of templates a artsy spin on travelers notebooks


    1. GraceJ


      Sounds fun stuff

  9. New Tutorial in the forum here

    1. alsoarty


      Great tutorial!

    2. englishrose


      I always enjoy watching how others put their pages together. Thank you for sharing.

  10. My store is 50% off on 90% of supplies take advantage on things you want to try and didnt before such as pattern brushes, blender brushes textures and if you use procreate a have a whole set at the store. 2WorldsArt 

  11. I have a new video Autumn themed chech it out here

    1. Boatlady


      Thank you for sharing.

  12. Suggestions for Sale new page blenders 3, mini kits collections !

  13. I have a new set of page blenders and some fun balloons drawn by me with real watercolors.

    1. alsoarty


      I love them! In my inbox.

  14. Exciting update for PS cc now PS 2024  with AI 

    1. alsoarty


      Sadly I can’t get 2024.. my iMac apparently is out of date, yet I still have to pay the monthly fee! I think Apple and Adobe are in cahoots!

    2. Jana_2worldsart


      More a software gets updated more hard drive space it needs and power it's with anything unfortunately I had this issue with Corel Painter a $400 software that won't work right now in MAC because Corel has to update their file . go figure 

  15. I finally finished a exclusive HUB with digital freebies and exclusive tutorial more exclusive content coming and a book club ! join here 😃

    1. Laura


      Thanks, it looks like fun!

    2. MariJ


      Thanks, Jana!

  16. I have a new video on my youtube check it out here if you enjoy leave a thumbs up it helps to spread the word :)

  17. I have 2 new templates in the store in the $2 treats !

  18. Last day of 40% sale I would suggest getting my bloom collection its huge and mini kits and brushes :)  and lights lights lights  -2worldsart store

  19. I've been loaded with work but I have a another fun template coming and a small set but brand new dynamic brushes for both PSE and PS . I will record a videos tomorrow 

    1. alsoarty
    2. mimes1


      Looking forward to seeing them!


  20. I'm so glad when you guys use my tag 2WorldsArt to post layouts I look from time to time and leave a comment.

  21. I have  a new tips and tricks video here

  22. I have 3 new products one of them my new collection winter is coming. My hand drawn patterns ideas coming for those and a new set of lights! SHOP here :)

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    2. Belle


      Will these work with PSE?

    3. Jana_2worldsart


      @Belle  yes check this video for pat files in pse and  lights are png :)



    4. Jana_2worldsart


      @alsoartythanks for the support :)

  23. If you use PS CC maybe like me one thing you love is the organization of brushes in folder.It was life changing for me. But when you update photoshop and then everything is gone I hate that I will share soon how I deal with it  in a video as soon my son goes back to school next week.

    1. mimes1


      PSCC updated for me back in June and totally threw me off. It took a week or more to get back up and running smoothly with a good work flow. I did notice it messed with my brushes, and even added some. I'll be interested in what you do in those cases. 

    2. alsoarty


      I can’t upgrade my PS as my computers vram ( or something like that) is out of date. But I still have pay the monthly fee… grrrr

  24. My designer choice is 50% off my value pack mixed media take a look

  25. Last day to take advantages the sale I would get advantage specially of my mini kits and brushes !

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