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  1. i just figured it out. Thank you for being a place to ask questions.
  2. I use elements 7,I know its out of date,but the others are not as easy to use as this one. At least to me. But it has lost the ability to float all windows. There is no arrange in the menu. How do I float them again/
  3. My bad on this question. I asked too soon. As soon as I installed Elements all the tiff's and pse's were there. I thank you all for you help and input.Still havent gotten my computer back to full run,but am working on it
  4. If anyone here has ever used Carbonite I guess this is for you. I have used it for years and only recently had to restore my files on another computer.All of the scrapbooking files with psd or tiff are not useable.Is there any way to get them back. Very disappointed in Carbonite. The actual files are there,just not the psd or tiff. They are just a white paper.Opening the zip folder did not help either.
  5. Yes I do use windows 10. Thank you for the great information. I will definitely use that.
  6. When I organize my kits,I like to use sort by type. But sometimes I hit the "Group by" by mistake and do not like it. Is there a way to undo that back to sort by? I have tried the other buttons but so far nothing works. I have even deleted the kit and started over,but it is still grouped. Is there a way?
  7. Well I chanced it and it worked great. Took awhile cause all the steps were not the same in windows 10, but I got it. I know it is not a big deal, I just wanted to see if I could fix it. Thanks to all.At 89 I like to know how much I can really do on my own
  8. Thank you to all for the suggestions. Scrappers Friend, I checked out the link to change the background. has anyone here done that, is it safe? It doesnt delete any actual folders does it?
  9. Oh darn. So there is no way to un do it?
  10. I was looking through one of my scrapbooking folders and had moved some items to another folder,I was finished so I clicked the back arrow and all of a sudden all my folders within that certain folder, now have a black background.What did I do and does anyone know how to reverse the color? I use Firefox and windows 10
  11. Thank you very much for your help. I will check them out
  12. My wide format printer has stopped printing and would like to replace it. I want only a printer,not an all in one or wireless. Am having trouble finding just a printer. Tried searching for one but get the all in one's,not just a printer.Do you have any suggestions on a model or the right words to search for one.
  13. I don't know of any classes that have been announced recently, but I am sure someone will come along who does know -

  14. Thanks mimes that is so sweet of you.

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