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    Aimee Harrison

    Rebecca's pages with products by Aimee Harrison
  2. Hiddenartist

    Rebecca's TMD pages

    pages with products from Tami Miller Designs
  3. Headline News collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  4. Me, too! #1. May monthly challenge #2
  5. Hiddenartist

    April 15

    Come Sail Away collection by Aimee Harrison Designs
  6. #6. April monthly challenge #1 curly wire
  7. My Beautiful Forever collection from Designs by Helly
  8. #5. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2021-04-06
  9. This was my parents and just the siblings at my sister's wedding.
  10. Cozy Comfort Bundle by JB Studio and Aimee Harrison Designs
  11. I think of the purple in these crocuses as "true purple", but if we need another descriptive name, we could call it violet.
  12. #4. Tuesday Newsletter Challenge - April 27, 2021
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