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  1. It looks like you girls had a fabulous time. The photo with the city lights is terrific. I like the focus on the photos and the colors you used.
  2. I love the subject of this and the happy faces. So cheerful!
  3. This has such interest with the way the frame is placed over the mask and the piled journal tags. I love the blueberries in the cluster.
  4. Nice photo. I like how it contrasts with the grungy, distressed look of the paper and embellishments. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  5. The tint on the image makes this seem haunting and unique. The footprints and the log and all of it. Very beautiful!
  6. This is my redo. It is an updated version of my very first layout I uploaded at ScrapGirls in 2018. Though I didn't dislike that first layout, I always felt it didn't do the image justice or emphasize "forest" enough.
  7. Celestine

    Primeval Forest

    Elisha Barnett SSPT: Watercolor Woods Font: Book Antiqua Photo: Personal
  8. Sounds delicious! I would love these herbs with the chicken, potatoes and mushrooms.
  9. This sounds very interesting and different from anything I've tried before. I love the fall leaf faded into your background. It is just the right touch.
  10. Celestine

    Bright Eyes

    Haha. Well that is good to know! It would definitely taste better!
  11. What a beautiful recipe card! My husband would love this salad!
  12. Your interpretation of the challenge is utterly perfect! I like how you started with the black, white and gray background and used your text in colors to highlight titles. Brown and blue is one of my favorite color combos, so yeah!! You both look so, so happy. Just wonderful.
  13. Hi Marie - Thanks for joining the challenge. I just wanted to give you an FYI on your thread posts since there aren't any links, which in turn make it really easy for all of us to COMMENT on your gorgeous layouts. Usually here on ScrapGirls our protocol is to post just text in the Forum threads and provide a link to the gallery image. A lot of us use the title of layout as the hyperlink, or say "my layout is HERE." What I usually do is load my image first in the appropriate gallery, and then, once I am on the dedicated gallery page for the image I just loaded, I right click in the URL ba
  14. Celestine


    These look delicious and I really like all the negative space on the page and the variety of color.
  15. This is so pretty with the story of the rose and how you centered it on the page. I like the rose paper and the drawn elements. Great idea to stack the journaling under the other papers. Beautiful page!
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