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  1. What fun! That is a beautiful setting for that delightful creature. Your distressed paper is a good counterpoint to the paint and the stucco. Pretty cluster!
  2. Celestine

    WT #7

    This is incredibly picturesque. I like the way you clumped the photos int he corner. This village and the mountain are stunning. I like your masking as well.
  3. Celestine

    WT #7 Norway.jpg

    What a stunning photo! This is so ethereal! I love your frame and the blue you used. Did you know I have never seen the northern lights? One more thing to add to my bucket list! Just wow.
  4. Neat photo effects. Your layering and the framing is great.
  5. I know it's fall, but when is a better time to scrap St. Patrick's Day than with a GREEN challenge? Here is Lucky Me.
  6. Blue Heart Scraps St. Patrick's Day Templates Blue Heart Scraps Lucky Me VP Tami Miller Designs Chit Chat VP Aftermidnight Designs St. Patrick Collection Font: Kristen Photos: Personal
  7. Celestine

    Lead the Way

    This is a few years old, but I couldn't skip the opportunity to scrap camouflage Army green!
  8. How clever to use that black graph paper for the base. It really adds some interest. Those little bows on baby's feet are adorable. This is a sweet photo.
  9. Celestine

    Lead the Way

    Trixie Scraps American Heroes Font: Stencil Photos: Personal
  10. Just lovely. The background paper really matches the color of the sea in your image. Love the sand and the cluster.
  11. Celestine


    Tami Miller "Whispering Woods" Sept 2023 ScrapGirls Club Photos: Dave Lewis
  12. Yum - these are made with whole wheat and all the good spices and pumpkin. I have never had an orange and pumpkin combo and it sounds like an interesting flavor profile. I like how you divided up your card and used all the orange hues.
  13. Such a newsy layout! I like how you tell little stories and big stories. Best wishes to Marnus and Janelle.
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