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  1. Celestine

    Tea for one

    Such a pretty page, Andrea! I love your photo and the kit embellishments are perfect with it.
  2. These look and sound yummy. I like your photo extractions.
  3. Celestine

    May Recipe Swap

    These would look so gorgeous on an Easter table! What a fancy way to highlight a fruit. Love it.
  4. This is incredible! I love the sketch effect you applied to the entire page and not just the photo. The paper blending is perfect. I like your linear cluster! Nice job!
  5. Oh, I miss sweet corn straight from the fields in the area where I grew up! There was a farmer we knew who always left extra vegetables on a table next to his driveway gate - and it was always such an abundance! Such a nice sentiment for your neighbors as well. I love the little embellishments with that great photo.
  6. Celestine

    My Mom

    What a fun photo and I don't think I have ever seen such a brilliant purple cocktail! Such a sweet page and a great paper selection.
  7. Oh, I like the splashy, masked paper with the purple flowered field. They pair so well together.
  8. These are stunning photos of what looks like a magical place. I like your botanicals in the background paper.
  9. Celestine

    Patterned LO

    It looks like bath time at Gammie's is a ton of fun! These are the cutest photos! I like your large dots that are reminiscent of bubbles!
  10. Ooh, Conda, I LOVE this challenge - I can think of 20 layouts I could do. Hopefully, I can find a minute to scrap one or two. I've barely scrapped all week because - you guessed it - I've been working in the garden. Beginning today, it is supposed to rain for seven straight days. And today I am headed out of town to a garden center for their arboretum walk. So, if the weather isn't too bad, maybe I will get some photos.
  11. Celestine

    Axel the Dog

    Angelle Designs Value Pack April Wind Photo: Personal
  12. Okay, thanks April. Let me know if you figure it out or get it working.
  13. Ooohh. I love the vertical nature of the letters and the way you layered the photos. You picked the coolest frames and the photos are just wonderful. The way you blended the background paper adds real movement, too.
  14. Was this ever resolved for Rose Ann? Like her, I do not have a drop down option in the Recent Status Updates box - and I never have. I can comment on status updates but I am not able to create my own. I have opened the Forum in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and the options box isn't there in either browser. Is this an issue for @April Showers?
  15. I am always on the lookout for rhubarb recipes. These sound delicious. Your photos are perfect for the recipe card.
  16. The mask/brush work with the varied newspapers/text is so fantastic with this layout. Those photos are incredible. The hint of the botanical is just the right amount of color for this page. I love old gas stations and wish more could be preserved.
  17. Celestine

    Swatch #7

    This is a fantastic photo and I love the graffiti look to the paper, the embellishments and the font. Just the pop of color with the hearts is perfect.
  18. Celestine

    Swatch 6 no 3

    I love how you have put "faces" on the snowflakes. That is the perfect quote for your page. I love the subtle coloring and the brushes.
  19. Celestine

    Swatch 6 no 2

    The photo shows up so well against those papers. Beautiful clusters.
  20. Great that you are getting out! The font and numbers look great.
  21. Celestine

    Swatch 6 no 1

    That is so creative. It also has a very steampunk vibe!
  22. Beautiful shadow work and arrangement. I love your brush blending in the back.
  23. It looks like you had the nicest Mother's Day! Great photos and I love the dusty pinks.
  24. I love how you filled the letters with photos and then used the plastic styles. I haven't seen that a lot, so really great job! The bold white with black bounded letters play really well off the watercolor pastels in the background.
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