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  1. What an interesting way to show a field of flowers and highlight so many floral papers! The title is perfect and I like the way you used a round frame in the middle to set it apart.
  2. You went very literal here! The photo is so cute and the way it is framed in the angled frames and with the interesting background and sparkles is really pretty. I like the embossed flourishes as well - they really add to a winter scene without using snow!
  3. Celestine


    What a cute photo! Your cluster is really nice and I like the little Sassy flair.
  4. You DO live in such a pretty neighborhood. The blending on those papers is really unique as well. I love green, and you have showcased so many tones here, playing off your photos.
  5. I love the subtle blending behind that large phot. What a sweet pic!
  6. What a neat photo of the fountain! I struggle with where to place journaling in full photo images sometimes, and the idea to frame it is something I often forget. You have done it wonderfully here.
  7. What beautiful blending! Such a sweet photo of the little ones reading books together. That is a keeper!
  8. Gorgeous double framing and nice mask work!
  9. Such a pretty blended background, great shadow work, and I love the way you did a sepia photo with the aqua tones.
  10. I have never heard of this, but it sounds awesome! It must have been difficult to capture images of the mermaids, but you did a fantastic job. Cute embellishments!
  11. Marlene - I would love to hear what others have to say as I have struggled a lot with this myself. I have boxes and boxes, and I've barely made a dent. What I have found is that sorting by original photo album is not all that helpful. I didn't put the original albums together, so their organization meant nothing to me and I have many images of the same people from different sources. What was valuable were the images inside the original albums and labeling who they were and approximate dates. You might know these individuals, but your children or grandchildren probably won't. I organize genealogy images by family name, with appropriate folders and subfolders, and then some images that are special, too broad, have too many people to adequately label, or don't have any people, I will plug into folders organized chronologically. For instance, say you have a group image of the family, taken Christmas 1940. I would label it as such: 1940_12_25 Smith John Jane Dick Sallie. This image I would save within a folder called "Smith John+Doe Jane 1937," which is the couple and the year they were married. So many images are of family groups that I found it easiest to break down by before the marriage and after the marriage. For instance, an image of Jane Doe as a child with her siblings would be in a folder featuring her parents called "Doe Sam+Johnson Mary 1910," and it might be titled: ca 1915 Doe Jane Joe Margaret. If you have a family member with a lot of individual images, you can always create a subfolder just for him or her, either as a child or a married adult. Sometimes, when something might be more importantly remembered by date, I will copy it into a chronological folder. This is how I have organized my personal family digital images: Year, Month, Occasion. So going back in my chronological folders, I have folders from the year my husband and I graduated (the pre-digital era), my grandparents' wedding, or these amazing old images from my great aunt's honeymoon trip, which show vintage landscape scenes and their jalopy, but don't have that many with people. This system means I might have about three locations to search for a specific image, but I have a fair idea where and when to look. I have an Epson flatbed scanner, and it has the ability to scan multiple images and separate them. There is also a prefix mode, which can help save time typing with groupings. For instance, you can type in the date or a name as a prefix, set the folder save location, and it will chronologically number them after that. Depending on the level of detail, that prefix tool alone can save a lot of typing and naming. I know this is far from perfect, but it is what I've managed to work out. Can't wait to hear of some better, more efficient ideas, though!
  12. Such a pretty color that I don't use often enough! Here is Prom.
  13. Celestine


    Silvia Romeo Twilight Time AFT Designs SSPT: Absolutely Blended 3 Font: Algerian Photos: Personal
  14. Your paper strips and cluster with the delicate flowers and brushes is so romantic and girly. What an adorable photo. Sweet, sweet journaling, too. This is just so fresh and pretty.
  15. Celestine

    Garden Walk

    Aimee Harrison You're My Wildflower VP AFT Designs SSET: My Sweet Masks Connie Prince "Ancestors" (retired) Font: Franklin Gothic Heavy Photos: Personal
  16. It is so nice to see Alistair is a devoted reader. It is one of the best things for a young person! I love all the little word strips and buttons - just perfect for a devoted reader. The date stamp paper is really neat and the solid mask over the top is a perfect place for the copious journaling.
  17. As always, I enjoy your bird photos and it is so neat to see the habitat as well. Very pretty masking and blending and nice use of amethyst flowers.
  18. Oh, this is really lovely! The little "fairy" touches are perfect with the glitter, jewels, lace edging, etc. The makeup tubes are perfect. Lucy has some gorgeous paint on her face and she must have had the best time!
  19. Celestine

    Late Peonies

    Thanks! These aren't my peonies; they are at Missouri Botanical Garden. My daughter had planned a trip for Mother's Day so we could see the peonies in the Japanese Garden, which is always something I wanted to do, and this was the only bush still blooming! We were about a week too late! The azaleas were gorgeous, though! I did a layout years ago that said, "Went for the peonies and stayed for the azaleas!" 🤣
  20. Celestine

    He Would Call me Mom

    Gorgeous colors! I like the use of the black and white image with the aqua.
  21. Boxers have such sweet temperaments! They are so cute! Love the names Roxie and Sugar Rae! Your instructions are very heartfelt and true!
  22. Celestine

    Late Peonies

    Thanks, Bitzee! Peonies are my very favorite flower, and I grow many varieties. I think they are difficult to grow in southern states. We even harvested white peonies from our own garden for my daughter's wedding bouquet and then forced them a month later. Here are some of my peonies: Peonies 2021, Rare Blooms and my unusual Yellow Peonies, which are a hybrid varietal.
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