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  1. I love the directional sign showing us where you are in the card game. What a great photo with all the candlelight. Your background is something special. I also like the glow you added to the frame. Great layout. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  2. We have family in Minnesota, and they were lamenting all the snow this year. We reaped the reward of that downstream with record flooding along the Mississippi in May! Your photo is so beautiful and serene. I like all the layers and the little birdie on the branch. This is really a pretty layout!
  3. Great way to use your shadow to fulfill the challenge! It is so sweet to see the dog's shadow as well. Very pretty paper! Thanks for joining the challenge!
  4. Great job. I like your title work and all the bright colors. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  5. @Tracy you can find this instruction on linking under General Questions and Terms of Use, Forum Tutorials
  6. That is a terrific photo for this challenge. It almost makes me wish for winter, but not quite yet! I like your use of the snowflakes and great color. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  7. Great colors! This is a neat kit as well. Makes me sad because my bicycle was stolen right out of my garage at the end of las t summer. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  8. What a perfect paper for this photo. Well even tho your hand is not in the photo, I think I might sneak mine in to grab at the sweets. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  9. This is a sweet photo and I really like those daisies so prominent on the right. Lovely colors as well. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  10. Celestine

    Sticky Toffee

    Just ask if you have more questions! Good luck!
  11. Celestine

    Sticky Toffee

    Another word of caution on printing. If you are creating in 12x12 but printing to a smaller format, there will be some fudging with the cropping. I found that when my book was printed that even with the standard half inch margins all around, some of the text close to the edge was more difficult to read, so for the second cookbook, I increased my left and right margins to 1 inch for recipe text to allow for binding areas since these are big books (200-300 pages). Photos aren't as important and can bleed to the edge of a page. When you transfer a layout to a preset full page jpg in Shutterfly or Mixbook, it blows up the size a bit, making all content even closer to the margin. Your fonts will look larger because of this as well.
  12. Celestine

    Sticky Toffee

    Also, one thing you can do is just print a test page at home in "real size." You probably can't do the whole page, and it might split it up between pages, but you will get a sense of the size of the font on the page. I did this to test out which fonts I wanted to use as well. For some reason, seeing it printed makes a difference.
  13. Celestine

    May 22

    LOL. The word art for this is used in totally different way than the "namaste" vibe of the kit, and it made me laugh. Great use of the swirly backgrounds and perfect extraction!
  14. This is really beautiful. So delicate and soft. The use of the white leaves is perfect.
  15. Ohh, love that photo of the entryway under the arch. Was this a recent trip for you? I had assumed you had done all things Florida already, LOL! Incredible collection and I love the way you packaged them. That break down the center really adds to the historical ambience.
  16. You all rock! I wish I'd had more time this spring to take in all the posted layouts and play along! Three more days until my son's wedding!
  17. This is so perfect! I love all the texture from the fabric and doilies! I just picked up that Kimeric kit, but haven't unpacked it yet! Your photo technique is really wonderful.
  18. That is one of the more unique reflection images I have seen! I like all the texture on your page as well.
  19. Simply stunning. I like how you made the reflection of the word art appear as though it is in the water as well. Very creative technique!
  20. What a fun bunch of images! You sure keep busy with your family - and this is so wonderful.
  21. Here is my "I was here" image-planting herbs. Please note Cherise Oleson's kit is named "Garden Plot Collection Mini," and not Happy Camper as was posted in the newsletter.
  22. So often those of who scrap are TAKING the photos and rarely appear in them. Well, this is a challenge taking that deficiency into account. Your challenge today is to show that you were "in" the photo - but not. In other words, scrap a photo that illustrates “I was here." For example, show a project you are getting ready to tackle with all your stuff set up, or show your hand on top of a pile of laundry. Maybe your feet are in the photo, playing on the floor with children, grandchildren or a dog. Footprints in the sand could be a good illustration of this challenge, too. I hope you get the idea. I look forward to seeing how creative you are at showing yourself in daily life, while being a little invisible at the same time! Post your layout in the Weekly Newsletter Gallery, and then post in the thread below. If you are playing the Challenge Chase, post there as well.
  23. Cherise Oleson Garden Plot Collection Mini Angie Briggs SSPT: Grungology Overlay Angie Briggs SSPT: Blendology Photo: Personal
  24. Celestine

    Sticky Toffee

    This recipe sounds fantastic by the way!
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