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  1. One of the fun things about scrapbooking is using thematic embellishments and papers to emphasize your images or journaling topic. Recently, I found myself scouring the ScrapGirls shop for kitschy, retro images related to the Space Age. I was AMAZED at how many items fit into my search. I was looking for something specific to the moon landing, but what I ended up buying will be incredible for 1950s and 1960s retro pages, night skies, or even school science pages. The versatility of some of these kits is truly incredible.

    Your challenge this weekend is to choose, either from your stash or the ScrapGirls store, THEMATIC embellishments and/or papers to highlight your layouts. There is a catch - you CANNOT use holiday- or season-related themes. Let's see those peculiar and distinct thematic kits put to creative use!

    Throw your layout into the Weekend Wildcard Gallery, and then place a link below in the thread. Don't forget to participate in the February Challenge Chase!

    Here are two layouts I put together using thematic embellishments and papers: Moonrise Hotel 1 and Moonrise Hotel 2.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Florida granny said:

    Here's mine for #10.  I think 2 points? (It was hard to determine theme, so I figured a greeting card would count, but you can decide.)

    Valentine card

    As long as you prominently use the designer's "named" kit in your layout, it counts as 2 points. It doesn't need to exclusively use that kit. So, yes, 2 points.

  3. My thought is that I could extract it in pieces, potentially. For instance, pull Roger and Pongo to the front, insert some sort of solid geometric shape for color and emphasis and then overlay that on some of the background. I could also be happy with removing all of the background and turning it transparent and building something from there. I could always erase what illustration pieces I don't want if it is a new layer. Let me know if there clarifies things a bit more, Marilyn!

  4. Hi there! I am working on a project to help my daughter decorate their nursery, and they are going with a 101 Dalmatians theme. In preparation for this I ordered a vintage book from the 1960s because that is the palette for which she is aiming. (Believe it or not, later iterations of the movie and books were much more primary hued, with red as the dominant color). While ordering the book, I ran across a vintage 101 Dalmatian coloring book that had great line art. I think extracting lines from this and layering some simple geometric masks in certain hues might be an even more interesting approach. However, I'm not well versed in Photoshop Elements, and extracting with clean edges always gives me fits. I will definitely need very clean extractions for this project.

    Here is a reduced size scan of one of the more complicated and detailed illustrations, for which I did a pretty high resolution scan originally. You can see that the lines are not super crisp and the paper has yellowed a lot. Does anyone have tips or tricks for this kind of extraction? Maybe even a PSE video to watch that would help me go through steps for line art extraction? I've looked around some, but hopefully someone here can help! My PSE version is 2022. I am pathetically behind in mastering this program. Thanks!


    Roger Anita 007 websize.jpg

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