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  1. Keep your eyes out for a new designer this week

  2. I have graduated after 22 sessions from Physical Therapy after my hip replacement. So happy not to go for that 1/2 hour drive. Now on with my life!!!

  3. Happy Thursday....anyone have any big plans for the weekend

  4. Well, I am happy to report that I survived my knee replacement and am going home tomorrow! 6 weeks of rehab to come so hopefully that will get me up and about properly again! It’s mighty painful and the heavy duty drugs made me sick, so I just have to do it the hard way! Very character-building I must say! ?

  5. Celestine, thanks for your encouraging words about our trip to the Mars chocolate factory!

    I run across the same problem with the words winding up hard to read. All I did here was make the paper layer a little less opaque (lighter) and it worked. Also one of the last pages I did I noticed that I had a fancy font for the journaling and a clear one for the title. I believe it should be the other way around. But I just did both title and journal of the same font this time.

  6. Well I got my new hip. First few days were no fun  and the therapy the day after set my leg on fire but it will get better.I may try to scrap some today

    1. Celestine


      Glad to hear you are up and about so quickly. Wishing you the best in physical therapy and getting back to all your normal activities!

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  7. I am so sad to see that @GinnyW Ginny's store is closing.  ? I love her designs and have so many of them.  I even had a layout published using one of her gorgeous Collections.  Best of luck to you, Ginny.   You will be missed.  ?  

    1. Celestine


      Ginny is one of my favorite designers, and I will really miss her. I hope all is well with her and her family and that she is able to stop by ScrapGirls in the future.

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  8. Whoot Whoot our new camper is here and they are doing the upgrades so we will pick it up on Aug 4 . Last year we picked up our other one on Aug 27...two new campers in a year...Yikes..All because of an accident on May 13.

  9. I haven't been on much the past couple of days; we had a fire burning just a few miles from us, near my father's house.  They were on the edge of the evacuation zone.  Still in level 2 evac (prepare to leave at a moment's notice), but not 3.  I think it's mostly contained now.

  10. So I have a co worker wanting me to do a couple pages for her. I have wanted to try and do SFH for years but never had the opportunity. For any that have done this, how much do you charge per page?

  11. A little gem from my seven year old grandson this afternoon! Question: “What have you been doing today, Gran?” Answer: “I’ve been making something for Scrap Girls!” “What about Scrap Boys?” says he! That’s lateral thinking for you! ???

  12. I have COVID. Been ill for a month, just got tested. My sister who was visiting is in hospital in CA, on oxygen, pneumonia from Covid. She got it from me.

  13. We are back home. During June we visited and said hello to over 70 family and friends in CT. Happy me.

  14. Thankyou to Angie and all the hosts of the games and challenges. This Salebration has been a fun event. 

  15. 5-6 inches of rain last night with major flooding all around us.  And getting prepared to be hit again in a few hours with several more inches of rain, hail and possible tornado.

    1. Celestine


      That's just terrible, Bea! Good luck getting everything cleaned up and hopefully you avoid another flood.

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  16. 5-6 inches of rain last night with major flooding all around us.  And getting prepared to be hit again in a few hours with several more inches of rain, hail and possible tornado.

    1. Celestine


      I've been watching those storm cells roar through the MidWest on the radar. Most of it has skirted us and gone south. That is a lot of rain! Yikes!

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  17. It official they have "totaled" our camper nearly a month after we were hit. We will go shopping again for the same one I just hope we can find a 2021 and don't have to get the 2022.

  18. There are several men's collections in the $2 shop- great for Father's Day coming up!! I am going to snag one!


  19. After 11 years of wonderful Scrap Girls Clubs, kits and freebies, I spent all last month redoing my stash - getting everything into the same naming format and file hierarchy. Now I can search and locate files I haven't really seen in years. Downside ---- I am just now into the designers beginning with the letter J! I know it will be so much easier when I'm finally finished. (DH thinks I need a diagnosis!)

  20. Hi all. I had a full hip replacement last Thursday. Now for the rehabilitation exercises to get mobile again. I have some minor pain but nothing like I had before.

  21. We just bought a house in Davidson, North Carolina! 

  22. This month (starting 6/22) we will be celebrating 5 years that I have owned Scrap Girls.  I'm starting the party early with 50% off my store until 6/21.  Happy shopping!

  23. Newest grandson was born in the wee hours this morning!:i-love-it: 

  24. It is with great sadness to say "we are back home in Florida"

    So no 9 week trip this year!!!.

    Our travel trailer was hit and un-towable maybe even totaled. All involved are unhurt and our new truck is fine. We spent 5 hours yesterday unloading it into a u-haul the 6 hours today driving back. It happened in Hardeeville SC . So sad.

    1. Celestine


      Oh, Debby, that must have been awful! I know you were anticipating your road adventures this summer. It is good to hear nobody was hurt. 

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  25. We start our "glamping" trip North today. 9 week vacation from retirement...LOL I will have sporadic internet so hope to be able to keep up here.

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