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  1. Okay...so weird!  Now, it seems to be working.  At first, when I logged out and logged back in, nothing changed, but now I am getting the proper screen.  Sorry to be a pain, but this has been happening for about a couple weeks, although this is the first time I logged out.

  2. I am using Windows 7 (I know it's old, but it works everywhere else!).  I am no longer able to upload layouts into the gallery because when I try to do it, this is what my screen looks like.  Cannot scroll or do anything with this bar across it, and the + for submitting images never shows.  Please help!  I have logged out and logged back in, as well.


  3. On 2/27/2021 at 7:07 PM, angleigh said:

    @Art_Teacher  I did get your email this morning, but with it being a weekend I'm not always near a computer and was out of town until about 20min ago.  I came in and was going to look into it but I see you did get back in.

    Glad you got back in and I'll look into the issue.


    Thanks!  I get it. Just wasn't sure why I never got the reset email, because I assume it's automatic?  Wanted to let somebody know, in case others have the issue. :)

  4. On 2/27/2021 at 5:06 PM, DixieLee said:

    If it happens again keep trying to contact them- they will catch up with you- and posting here  someone will also help you. I finally started keeping a booklet of my passwords since getting older I could not remember them all and yes, there are times when the correct password doesn't work on some sites (the bank) but it keeps me on my toes! 

    Well, see, I couldn't post on here without my password/account. ;)  It wanted me to make a new account, but I couldn't with my email. lol   I have a booklet, but apparently I didn't write this one down. LOL  

    It would be helpful if sites would let you know their password requirements when you forget.  Like "Hint:  your password requires a capital letter, a number, and a special character." :)  I use the same passwords on most sites, but get tripped up when there is a different requirement. Haha!


  5. I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, but I didn't see a website issues forum, so here it is!  A couple weeks ago, I got logged out (my new computer did it. lol) and I couldn't remember my password.  I tried several different versions of passwords I use, but the system locks you out after a few tries. Then, I came back a couple days later and clicked on the Forgot Password link at the login.  It said it sent me an email to reset my password, however, I never received such email. I checked all my email accounts and my spam folders.  I did this twice about a week apart. Luckily, I finally hit on the right password combination to get back in today, but there was no easy way to reset my password...system isn't working?  Just thought I should let somebody know!  (I even messaged in the "Contact Us" section of the shop, but didn't get a reply as I presume there are different people monitoring that than monitor the forums?)


    Glad to be back in! LOL

  6. I just wanted to introduce myself. :)  My name is Laura and I have been a jr.high/high school art teacher for the past 26 years.  I am married to my wonderful husband for the past 29 years.  We have no children, but one spoiled Golden doodle named Paisley.  She is the subject of many of my layouts.  I am on the CT for Silvia Romeo, which has brought me here, but I am looking forward to joining in the fun and meeting new people, or just saying Hi! to those who have been around the digi scrapping boards for years.  I started digi scrapping in 2006, and I still also paper scrap!  Sometimes, I just like to get messy and touch the supplies. lol

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