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  1. Here's pretty late, heading off to bed @beatricemi dear, I'm gonna take the mug (no.4)
  2. Here's 11:30 pm so I'll try to get some sleep, catch you up tomorrow dear ladies, so exciting 😀
  3. Woohoo! sorry being late, just reading this, I'm gonna choose Santa, I think is number 10
  4. Thank you so much dear Tracy ❤️
  5. GraceJ


    Love pumpkin cakes, and this sounds so unique, thank you so much for sharing. Nice use of the elements.
  6. I love the use of the torn paper and the fabulous clustering. I really love your recipe, for sure I'm gonna give it a try, thank you so much for sharing.
  7. For sure I'm gonna love this recipe. I really like how you used the pretty photo, glitters and the elements, so elegant and creative.
  8. Yummy! I really l love your card and that you included a picture of your aunt, brilliantly done!
  9. Pumpkin pie is one of my faves, actually love pumpkin in soups, pies or just out of oven, lol. Pretty card, love the border - cluster at the left and right, look like a pockets holding the recipe so creative!
  10. Love Eggnog, but in our family there are egg allergies so this is a great choice, sounds easy and for sure delicious, thank you so much for sharing my dear, I'm gonna give it a try pretty soon
  11. I really love veggies, and this recipe sounds simply delicious, thank you so much for sharing my dear
  12. Gorgeous card, love the stacks and the whole design!
  13. I really like that this recipe includes cranberry sauce and brie cheese, I feel that really adds a festive touch. So pretty paper choices, love the color scheme.
  14. Love oats, so this for sure is gonna be one of my very faves. I love the blend in the background, pretty card!
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