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  1. Precious!! I like how you kept the stripe theme and made your photo the center of attention!
  2. Caught my eye right away - the geometric pattern of your BG is perfect for your rustic pix!
  3. I am so happy, had to share the news. Got this message a few minutes ago: "Your art piece, I'm Rare, matched all contest rules and guidelines and has moved forward to judging." So Awesome!! Incidentally, this is the same piece that made it into New Hampshire's Institute of Disabilities 2024 calendar!


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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      How awesome and congratulations 

    3. Belle


      This is stunning, congratulations.

    4. BetC


      Well deserved!


  4. 4-H CAMP 2010 - Art Play Mountain High by Anna Aspnes, Art Papers and Shadow Styles by Syndee Rogers, Erin Go Bragh by Designs By Helly . Font is Scribbles and Giggles.
  5. August Monthly Challenge 2: Stripes. Drawing by me in Procreate with tutorial from Lisa Glanz, Just Peachy and Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Mika Moo.
  6. It skids across the screen sooooo easily - getting used to that ... and I got a silicon gripper that makes it wayyyyy better on my hands.
  7. This is what I've been up to lately - drawn by me in Procreate! Background is a combination of overlays and blend modes, Totally Transparent Vol 1-3 by ASD.
  8. Ten Timeless Titles Lesson 5 template by Gina Harper, You’re my Wildflower by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  9. Enjoy Today by DRB, Vintage Artistry Nature by KP, Metalizer Styles by LAS, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Times New Roman.
  10. Please sign me up too - I will pull myself away from playing with Procreate!
  11. Some schools here went back this week!! Whew, that was a short Summer!
  12. My 6th for the month - weekly newsletter 7/18: Ombre
  13. Dreamscape by AHA, Elysian Frames by AFT, Sweet Dreams by CK, Shadow Styles by SNU.
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