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  1. I just bought a drawing tablet & pen from Amazon's Black Friday sale! 6x4 inches, it comes with 8 replacement nibs! Do you have/use one for digital scrapbooking?

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    2. MariJ


      Add me to the "I have a Wacom but never use it" club!  It makes drawing around a selection so much easier, but I forget I have it.  I never thought to add my own writing to a layout, that's a great idea.  I also have an Apple Pencil that I use with my iPad, but I can't use that in PSE like I can the Wacom.  Good luck with yours! 

    3. ladyscrapalot


      I also have a Wacom. I do use mine somewhat.  My issue is when it’s plugged into my computer sometimes it will keep my computer from going into to sleep mode. From what I’ve been able to find out it’s an issue but wacom doesn’t seem to want to address. I need to reset the pen sensitivity but keep forgetting to do it. :hit-head-with-hammer:

    4. Laura


      I'm in the club that I have one  but don't use it.  Like @Boatlady said, I may have to get it out and use it. Have fun! 

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