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    Happily scrapping in the great state of Alaska.

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  1. Ugh, this gave me issues uploading. Here is the new Sig.
  2. Still used Christmas Express but had to edit it a bit.
  3. Having issues uploading. Might have to change it.
  4. I think I got it right LOL I used Christmas Express for this one.
  5. Ok, the love part is easy as I love all the amazing pages I see. Here are todays 11-28-23 Nica Layout, Amy's layout, Celestine's Layout, BarbaraJ Layout, and Jirsev Layout
  6. Oh this is adorable. I love the photo. And post card you added to it. Its so fun to seee the photos from "back then" and we all had the same style 😀 I like the ribbon you have holding the photo.
  7. Title says it all, elegance. Beautiful photo and I love how you did the layout. Love the colors you used.
  8. I am in, and thankful you posted the rules as I was confused. ❤️ Sounds fun and crazy and will be a blast.
  9. Wow. I am in awe. The way you recolored to add purple to the photo is amazing. I love the black outline on a couple flowers. Helps break up the purple without ruining all the lovely purple.
  10. Tracy

    Tummy Time

    What sweet photos. Tummy time outside. I love the paper strips and banner. Brings out the colors of the photo. But that sweet face steals the layout. ❤️
  11. WOW! That looks so magical!!! What an experience. ❤️❤️❤️ If only I lived closer I would take the grands. They would love it.
  12. Oh wow! How cool to get to see inside this house. They had the perfect place for a tree too with those windows. What a beautiful layout. Its so bold and striking yet super soft and sweet. I love how you let the photo be the main attraction.
  13. Tracy

    Everything About Me

    This is beautiful. I love your flower clusters. The color palette is really pretty too.
  14. This is fun! I love how they're all in the chairs chillin. Great photo. I love the colors you used to compliment the photo. Best quote too.
  15. Oh I bet it was fun!!! Was it like the movie? All decorated and serving hot cocoa? I love a scenic train ride.
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