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    Happily scrapping in the great state of Alaska.

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  1. I am forever thankful I found SG and all of you! ❤️ My scrapbooks have been so private and I never share outside of the family as I dont think I know what I am doing. You have all been so wonderful encouraging me to share and then helping me make my pages so much better. When I have questions you all answer right away!! From emails answered within an hour to many questions @Celestine who answered them all and then some. @MariJ @Jane in N.Z @Boatlady @barbaraj and so many others! Your positive comments on my pages means more to me then you will ever truly know. Thank you so much for being supportive and a wonderful group! I have found my new home away From home and feel so loved! Thank you!!!!

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    2. Jana_2worldsart


      The ladies here are awesome very welcoming

    3. Celestine


      It is so wonderful to see your layouts and to find inspiration here at ScrapGirls. I felt so much like you just five years ago, when I found a home here with these kind ladies. We are so glad you are sharing your scrapping adventure with us. 

    4. mimes1


      We're glad you're here! 

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