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    Happily scrapping in the great state of Alaska.

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  1. I'm curious. How much time do you spend on a layout? On average. I think mine average 15-20 minutes max. And they show it LOL As my only "art" its either easy and I know what I want or its hard and I leave it simple. But I feel like maybe I'm not taking enough time to really create art (not looking for compliments, just thinking outloud). My layouts fit me. But I see the craft and art you all create and I wonder, how much time do you spend per layout?

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    2. scrapgarden


      Well, it depends. But on the average 6-7 hours. I usually have a picture in my mind that I will try to match. And sometimes I just can't find the right things to use. Nothing I try will look right. Which is ridiculous as I have Ts of stash. I'm like Celestine, sort of a perfectionist!  Then I either make something or go buy something. Which also can take hours!! I'm also like Marilyn and enjoy looking through all my stuff. I also like to look at everything when I'm looking to buy something. All takes time. But hey, this is a hobby and something I do for enjoyment. So, how ever long it takes just fine. Just take as much, or little, time as makes you happy!!

    3. MariJ


      Oh Lynne you so also describe so much of how I scrap!   Perfectionist for sure, sometimes I will literally spend 15 minutes moving things a tiny bit this way, a tiny bit that way....  And again.. Until it's right.   But, it's not a problem, I enjoy getting it "just right" -- for me.   So it takes a while and I happily say I'm a slow scrapper because I DO enjoy it that way!  @scrapgarden

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      I have been known to spend days on a layout if I am after a specific effect. But it depends on whether I am creating a whole page from scratch or filling in a template, which is much faster. :)

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