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  1. What a beautiful photo! Your camper was the pot of gold on that rainbow. I love the circle you added to the photo. Super pretty layout.
  2. This is awesome. The brick on the bottom looks like its part of the photo! What a great frame for your photo. Love the soft touches you added with flowers and pattern papers. Beautiful.
  3. I love this! I love the corn you put in the title. Those stalks looks sooooo tall. I cant imagine walking through there. I love the fence you added.
  4. Monthly Challenge #3 Four Leaf Clover
  5. Tracy

    MMC 3.jpg

    This one was fun and I stuck with one kit. O Lucky Day. I love the colors of this kit! Also my trusty Shadow Me. I would be lost without Shadow me.
  6. Monthly Challenge #2 all about Rocks
  7. Tracy

    MMC 2.jpg

    A throw back photo. Used a few kits papers to achieve the "rock" look I was after since I dont own a kit with rocks 🤣 Time to shop LOL. I used Robobot, Friends 4 Life, Nocturnal Creatures, Together again mask, Blended Paper 2, and Shadow me.
  8. March Monthly Challenge #1 GREEN!
  9. Green Green wonderful green!!!! Here is #1
  10. Tracy

    MMC 1.jpg

    I LOVE GREEN!!!!! This was so much fun! I used Lemony Goodness, Damask Boarders, Sir Hopsalot, Foil, and Shadow Me.
  11. Beautiful! What a great photo of County Cork. Looks like a great place to visit. You two are super cute. Love this layout.
  12. Beautiful! I love the torn paper effect and the layers you added. The green leaves really pop off the page.
  13. What a fun flyer!!! I want to go to your social. It sounds so fun. I love all the shamrocks you added and keeping the color green and gold. Great flyer.
  14. Tracy


    I hope you put these in a book so the grands can look back and show everyone how cool their grandparents are! You pack so much into a week. Its fun to see/read about your daily adventures. I love all the photos you include. The staples and paperclips on this one are so fun.
  15. Tracy


    This is awesome! The pile of yarn and the papers are perfect together. I love the title. Says it all. So many possibilities and such colors.
  16. Here is my March Madness so far. I did go change the "zigzag" to a more chevron style paper.
  17. Tracy

    book club_feb

    What a lovely layout!!! Captures the feel of friends and the book perfectly. I like how you added the book cover to your layout.
  18. I'm in! Looking for photos now! 😍 Friday: Llama Photos: Check Papers: Check Using new to me kit, Lemony goodness. Saturday: Frame: Check paper: Zigzag check
  19. What a stunning structure. I love the flower cluster holding your three photos together. Very clever. The background paper looks like its part of the photos.
  20. Ooh my! Where does the photo start and your paper meet it. What a fantastic job blending the two together. I love the binoculars. Great layout.
  21. Wow, look at that panoramic view! I always learn something from your layouts and I know I want to travel and see all these amazing sights. I love that you travel through the summer months and see such amazing places and share them with us. ❤️ I love the papers you used and how the sky just shows through a bit in the photo. The stone flowers are a perfect addition under the journaling.
  22. I love this! What a peaceful setting. I want to visit the wonky cottage. It looks so fun to explore. I also want to sit by the water and drink my coffee or wine.
  23. Tracy


    This is fun. I like how you let the stripes go over the mirage. Fun photos and I love the green frames.
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