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  1. I'm curious. How much time do you spend on a layout? On average. I think mine average 15-20 minutes max. And they show it LOL As my only "art" its either easy and I know what I want or its hard and I leave it simple. But I feel like maybe I'm not taking enough time to really create art (not looking for compliments, just thinking outloud). My layouts fit me. But I see the craft and art you all create and I wonder, how much time do you spend per layout?

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    2. scrapgarden


      Well, it depends. But on the average 6-7 hours. I usually have a picture in my mind that I will try to match. And sometimes I just can't find the right things to use. Nothing I try will look right. Which is ridiculous as I have Ts of stash. I'm like Celestine, sort of a perfectionist!  Then I either make something or go buy something. Which also can take hours!! I'm also like Marilyn and enjoy looking through all my stuff. I also like to look at everything when I'm looking to buy something. All takes time. But hey, this is a hobby and something I do for enjoyment. So, how ever long it takes just fine. Just take as much, or little, time as makes you happy!!

    3. MariJ


      Oh Lynne you so also describe so much of how I scrap!   Perfectionist for sure, sometimes I will literally spend 15 minutes moving things a tiny bit this way, a tiny bit that way....  And again.. Until it's right.   But, it's not a problem, I enjoy getting it "just right" -- for me.   So it takes a while and I happily say I'm a slow scrapper because I DO enjoy it that way!  @scrapgarden

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      I have been known to spend days on a layout if I am after a specific effect. But it depends on whether I am creating a whole page from scratch or filling in a template, which is much faster. :)

  2. I am So very thankful to have found SG and all the wonderful people here!! I have learned so much! The "how to" pages are so incredible. And I love love love that you all share your pages here so I (and others) can see and learn all the amazing ways to scrap. I am so thankful for all our artists who make such incredible products that I can use! Thank you all who put on challenges! Really stretches me in how to scrap, what I can do, and how many ways it can be interpreted. My heart is overflowing with joy and love I find here and all the encouragement! Thanks you Scrap Girl Community!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Celestine


      It has been wonderful to see your layouts and get to know life in Alaska!

    3. GraceJ


      We are happy having you here ❤️

    4. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      I'm so glad you joined us and yes I agree with you its an amazing community here :) 

  3. Scraplift. I've seen this several times and I am not sure what and how. Are there directions somewhere? 

    Thank you! ❤️

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    2. A-M


      A "scraplift"  is taking another person's scrapbook page design and copying the layout and position of all the papers and embellishments.   Now if the person has used a template to create their page rightfully  you should not scraplift it unless you also own the same template.  






    3. alsoarty


      Here is the blog post on scraplifting. Always give credit to the person you scraplifted.
      here are 2 articles on scraplift8ng.



    4. Tracy


      Thank you all!! This is super helpful.  

  4. I am forever thankful I found SG and all of you! ❤️ My scrapbooks have been so private and I never share outside of the family as I dont think I know what I am doing. You have all been so wonderful encouraging me to share and then helping me make my pages so much better. When I have questions you all answer right away!! From emails answered within an hour to many questions @Celestine who answered them all and then some. @MariJ @Jane in N.Z @Boatlady @barbaraj and so many others! Your positive comments on my pages means more to me then you will ever truly know. Thank you so much for being supportive and a wonderful group! I have found my new home away From home and feel so loved! Thank you!!!!

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    2. Jana_2worldsart


      The ladies here are awesome very welcoming

    3. Celestine


      It is so wonderful to see your layouts and to find inspiration here at ScrapGirls. I felt so much like you just five years ago, when I found a home here with these kind ladies. We are so glad you are sharing your scrapping adventure with us. 

    4. mimes1


      We're glad you're here! 

  5. Thank you for all your encouragement and wonderful comments on my scrap pages. It means sooooo much to me. ❤️  I appreciate the positive comments and ideas. I have so much to learn and you have been so amazing in encouraging me to keep going.

    1. MariJ


      Awwww..   Thank you, Tracy!   For sure I was in your boat when I first started scrapping and this wonderful community helped and encouraged me.  I'm so glad that you are having a positive experience here, that's not surprising because it's the kindest and most helpful bunch of people I've met.   Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.   💜

  6. Completely addicted to all the beautiful kits!!!!  I need another job to support my new habit. 🤣 Thank you to all the artists who do such amazing work!!! I want it all! ❤️

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    2. Amy D

      Amy D

      Like Mari said - you are among like minded ppl (digi addicts)! I wait for sales - usually ... lol :hit-head-with-hammer:

    3. Tracy


      Yes, lots of sale purchases. 😍 Thankful for those or I would really be in trouble. Shhhhhhh dont tell hubs how much I've spent 🤣🤣🤣

    4. MariJ


      Isn't that one of the best things about digital scrapping?   No mess and no one can view your stash - except on your computer!  🤣

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