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  1. Its been almost a month since I read it LOL I have to think which character was which!!! 🤪 I loved the book. Was super good but I've since read four more books, so names are not coming to me but the story is still in my head. I might come back and answer the two blank questions, but I'm not sure ❤️ Was a good book. Cant wait to see what's next. My answers also give spoilers so dont read if you didn't finish the book!



    1. Sue Ellen, Rayanne, and Savannah have distinct personalities. Which sister did you relate to the most, and did your opinion of them change as the story unfolded? I related to the sister who was married with kids. So many things. Making the perfect house. Forgetting hubs can do a good job watching kids. Getting annoyed at people who aren't worthy to be in my kids lives. Hard to forgive and always feeling taken advantage of by others. Yeah, I relate to her way to much.  

    2. The story revolves around the loss of Georgia and the impact it has on the family. How does each sister handle grief differently, and how does it affect their relationships with each other and the people around them? The grief was hard. The left behind twin, Savannah, I think was the hardest hit and being the youngest would make it harder. Especially when her sisters pulled away. I think it was Sue Ellen who went off too college and basically left/forgot the sisters. That would be hard as the youngest. Instead of pulling the sisters together it split them apart, all feeling responsible in some way for the fracture. 

    3. Meemaw is described as a force to be reckoned with. How does her character contribute to the narrative, and what role does she play in the lives of the sisters? How does her influence shape their decisions and perspectives? Meemaw never seemed to recover from her first grief of loosing Charlie. Instead of pulling her family close and helping them heal, she clings to things and becomes a hoarder. Her rules are hard and fast as its the only thing she can control in life. And you do not mess with her hard and fast rules are you will feel her wrath. This pushes the older two sisters away instead of making them feel loved. They dont feel they measured up so they left and never tried to fit Meemaws standards.

    4. Share moments from the book that elicited strong emotions. Did you find yourself empathizing with specific characters or situations? How does the author skillfully evoke emotions through the storytelling? All I know is I cried. I think the hardest part was the Mom. Loosing a child, the search for the child, never knowing, then dying and not being there for the remaining children. It would be so hard and I dont know that I would survive.

    5. Meemaw imparts wisdom throughout the story. Share some of Meemaw’s memorable quotes or moments that resonated with you. How does her character contribute to the overall tone of the narrative?

    6. Forgiveness is a central theme in the book. How do the characters navigate forgiveness for themselves and each other? What role does forgiveness play in their healing and the resolution of past conflicts?

    7.  The novel has elements of mystery surrounding the disappearance of Georgia.  Did the resolution of the mystery meet your expectations? Were there any surprises or twists that stood out to you? This one....... The twist it took wasn't quite how I expected. I didn't like the resolution as I love a happy ending and fully expected Georgia to be found alive. I thought the friend (again cant remember her name, was four books ago now) had stolen Georgia and raised her as her own. Wasn't expecting her to have had an affair with Jack. I was sad that Georgia wasn't found alive but did like the twist of another sibling.


    The one thing I didn't care for in this book, the jumping time and person. At times I had a hard time knowing who was talking since the chapters were different people and times. This is why the two older sisters names dont stick in my mind who was who. It did drive me nuts, but not enough to stop reading.

  2. 2 hours ago, MariJ said:

    I remember someone asking this question and looking for scissors and there was none.  I’ll look in my stash tomorrow.  😊

    Yep, that was me. There are kits that have scissors that might work but they do tend to look more craft than hair scissors. 


    This is the one I saved in my wishlist Had the closest thing to hair scissors.

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  3. Wow, I need to up my game. I scanned an 19 gallon tote full of loose photos one year.  What a headache. I let the scanner name them, 01, 02, 03, etc and then I placed them in folders to the best of my ability. I did years for those I knew, 1980's 1970's then in those folders put the years broken down if I could figure it out, 1972, 1973, 1977. Not all years were in there. Then if I couldn't figure out years, like my grandparents childhood and early years, they went in a folder with their name. I have one of them together for after they got married. I have one that is just love letters from gpa to gma during WWII. Those were super special. Mine are by year, then by person if I dont have years, then by my early childhood, years if I had them.  Its overwhelming at times. I set one hour a day to scanning. If I could do batches I knew were the same year, I did those.  My photos were in groups, not all mixed up, too 1992 when I got married and had first child, those I had together and could scan them together then drop them right into the 1992 folder. I had to set a time limit and days or it would be so overwhelming.  I was able to set up a table and computer/scanner for a while that was just for that purpose so I didn't have to put anything away or pull it out. The bucket of photos was under the table. First I piled scanned photos on the table, then when the balance shifted, I put to be scanned on the table and done in bucket. I know a few photos are missing or in the wrong folder as I cant find them, but dont feel like pulling out the bucket of photos and looking LOL

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  4. 9 hours ago, MariJ said:

    @Tracy  This is what I said above --


    what I normally do is search "tater tot" on the internet and extract the image to use or blend.   I found a few good ones when I searched, a few even had white backgrounds for easier extraction!"  

    I really did see a few good images with just one search on Yahoo.   And the white backgrounds make extraction even easier!   Who ever knew tater tots could be so famous in a search!

    I'm sorry. It was a good idea. I thought I replied. ❤️

  5. 7 hours ago, A-M said:

    I am wondering what the theme for our layout is as I cannot see it mentioned above????

    I went with it being more open this time and with the special pieces gifted us, it was quotes and things from the book. So I went with the quotes.  Theme to me was about unlikely friends.  

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  6. Tator tots are always left out 🤣 The poor family relation 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I went with potatoes and focused on the story. And I'm sorry as it has kids as the focus, it wont be posted here. Short version of story: My brother in law went to dinner with co-workers. The co-workers daughter thought tots were gross. So my BIL ordered tots and made a big deal over how great they were. Another co-worker  reached around behind BIL and snuck a tot and then pretended to pull it out of his pocket.  The little girl was amazed. And now when they see her she will pull a tater tot out of her pocket and offer it up to them, and they have to eat it 🤣🤣🤣 And Pocket Tots was born LOL

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  7. 11 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    That's great!  I'd better get cracking on finishing the first one, but always seems there's something else I must do when I have time.

    Ahhh see, I learned how to ignore the house and read LOL And the youngest is a teen so I dont have to feed him other then dinner 🤣 So I have lots of time to sit and read. And I read in bed every night. I've always loved reading so from about 7 I learned to read over all else 🤪🤪🤪 Drove my mom nuts sometimes.

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