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  1. I love this. I love how you used the torn paper for your journal. I love the paper clip. Everything is fun and bright. I have loved seeing all your layouts. SG was an amazing place to learn. I learned so much here and will take it forward into my scrapbooks. I will miss the helpful hits and inspirations of all the layouts. 



    Oh I love this!!!! I love that you used the football for the background. What a great layout. And the green astroturf blended onto the football. I'm glad youre sharing these so we can see them.  Beautiful layout and flower cluster with little footballs.

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  2. Oh I too am sad for you that you lost your photos.  I am glad you have a couple still and they are treasures for sure. I love the way you framed them. Th colors and paper are wonderful. The lace showing through. Very special journaling. How fun to still regularly see friends like that. I have one person I "talk" to from HS and that's minimal. Love your layout. 

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  3. I have loved all your pages! This one was fun too and I totally get the "retired but go to work" mode. If I didn't know better I would say we lived the same life. ❤️  love the color and patterns you used. The lace at the bottom of the journal paper is elegant.

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  4. This is SO perfect! I love how you journaled out eh tv and phone. So perfect. Really shows how things have changed. The old rotary phone, ours was red.  How I hated when you got the wrong number and had to start over. Can still hear the sound it made as it spun.

  5. Anne of Green Gables where she floats in the river quoting the Lady of Shalott is what this reminds me. I love the flowing script of your title. The tree is amazing though.  What a wonderful walk it would be. I love that you all made up romantic stories. 

  6. Yes, this, my morning too a tee as I sit here drinking my coffee commenting on layouts.  I love how you used the teal of the site for your LO and the computer screen background.  I wish I had found you all sooner but I wasn't in a place to be here like I was this last year. ❤️ Lovely layout and says what so many feel. 



    I've never heard of this. Sounds yummy and rich.  Before reading the journalling I was intrigued by what on earth the photo could be. Knew it was bacon 🤪 I love how you used the bacon color to set the tone for the LO.  Makes me think I might need the French kit after all for my future cookbook even though I dont have French recipe.

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