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  1. Weren't we just posting that we couldn't believe it was a new year....now we are in October and the year is almost over. Let' see what the designers have for us coming up!
  2. We've already got trees dropping leaves for the fall

    1. MariJ


      Here too.   It makes me sad.  (Ok, I know no one will agree with me!)

    2. Tracy


      I am sad too, @MariJ . Our leaves are almost all gone. Headed to bed and the temps already down to 36.

    3. GraceJ
  3. Wow..how is the last sneak peek of the month?
  4. Happy Sunday! We know the drill, let's start seeing those designer sneak peeks
  5. Happy Sunday! Let's see what the designers have this week
  6. WAKE UP!! It's Sunday morning and time for sneak peeks to start coming in
  7. Ugh...we are almost in Sep already. This year has flown! Let's see what designers have this week
  8. It's hotter then hot!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Junkwithsteph


      Same here, So hot! 

    3. MariJ


      I know it's no laughing matter.   My sister in IN is in it too, 106º heat index, stay cool you all.   :saison7:

    4. GraceJ


      Same here, I am wishing that summer would be over

  9. We are at another Sunday....that means we get to start seeing what the designers will have this week
  10. Happy Tuesday!  1st week of Fall sports over...110 yard signs and senior banners done (plus a wedding and senior session)  starting week 2 with 2 smaller teams, 10 senior banners and 3 senior sessions this weekend.  Just 4 more weeks left of fall sports season


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DixieLee


      Do you ever slow down??

    3. alsoarty


      Yup…. I noticed a football sign on my neighbors front garden. I remember those football games, sitting in the freezing weather waiting for the band to play… lol I was a band mom.

    4. Laura


      Wow! How amazing!  Keep up the great work! 

  11. Happy "rainy" Sunday morning (at least where I'm at it's raining) Does anyone else find it really hard to get up around on rainy mornings? Ok back to why you all are here...the sneak peeks for this week
  12. Happy Sunday! Let's see the goodies for this week
  13. Belle...there's so many other questions before I can answer you 100% It does sound like she will be ok with the S4H/S4O/Craft license: Make advertising or marketing materials for your own small business, as long as the materials will not be mass produced or mass distributed. [Examples: business cards, selling t-shirts with your logo made from a SG design.] and mass produced/distributed is defined as the following: The term “mass produced” is defined as producing more than 500 of a physical/durable product. [Example: creating 500 paper greeting cards from a SG design] The term “mass distributed” is defined as distributing more than 5,000 copies of any printed or digital material, or 10,000 hits/viewings of any material posted online. [Examples: emailing 5,500 copies of a digital newsletter decorated with a SG design; using a SG design in the header of a website that is targeted to get more than 10,000 hits] I always suggest that whoever is using them read through the full TOU's here: https://scrapgirls.com/terms-of-use-commercial#s4h-s4o-craft-license-terms as that's what they agree upon when ordering, and I can answer one way with the info they give me, but I've found from time to time I'm not given all info ....and that could change the answer. Also if she has any questions just have her email me and I would be happy to talk to her.
  14. This is crazy that it's already August! Let's start seeing the previews
  15. July is almost over...let's see what's coming this week
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