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  1. Just got my "new to me" 85mm 1.4 lens delivered.  It's an open box from a camera store, manufact warrenty, warrenty from them and 30 day money back.  For more then 1/2 the price of brand new.  Can't wait until my photos tomorrow

    1. Boatlady


      Congratulations, it's always nice to get a new toy.


    2. englishrose


      A new toy - lovely!

    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Great! There's nothing like a good bargain on something you want. I hope you have lots of fun with the new "toy" and I'm sure we'll see some of the photos from it, too.

  2. Hello all! Let's see what the wonderful designers have this week
  3. Congrats @GraceJ your this months winner. I'll send you your gift certificate
  4. Well we had to skip last year due to covid, but we are having our meet up again this year. As always anyone in the Mid West area, or if someone wanted to take a little vacation.... is welcome to come...we'd love to have you! We will be having is 10/21-10/24 in the Kansas City area! Let us know if your interested and we can give you more info
  5. Does anyone use Lightroom?  I'm such a PS person that I've not used it for editing photos, but man it's a great program!

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    2. Pab


      Oh wow I didn't realize there was a SmugMug plugin. I will have to check it out.

    3. angleigh


      I had always used it for some basic edits: straitening, white balance, etc and to get rid of the ones I didn't want.  But I always did most of my editing in PS I was just so much more used to it.  I think it was a case of not having time to sit down and learn more about it, it was just easy to use what I knew.  But I've played alot these last few days and it was like lightbulb went off.  I will still probably use PS for some of the edits...but will use LR for so much more.

    4. GraceJ


      I will have to check it out

  6. The one Cherise suggested is a great one. You can change the color of curtain in the template to whatever you need. If you're looking for one that you might have in your stash, Carolyn Kit (who has retired from designing) had one in the store in a collection called Movie Night. The zip file name is called: CKI_MovieNight-PaperMini It was a set of 5 different color curtains, you might check your stash to see if you have that one.
  7. Hello everyone...another Sunday, another sneak peek thread! Hope you all have a great week
  8. And it's finally Friday!

    1. Boatlady


      YES .almost Saturday....whoot  whoot

    2. GraceJ


      Happy weekend!!

    3. MariJ


      ...and look at that.   It's happening all over again...  😱

  9. All day I've thought today was Friday...not yet only Thursday

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Its actually Friday here so your OK :rofl:

    3. MariJ


      That's so funny, Jane!   I keep getting mixed up to this week, I think because of Monday being a day off for so many people.   But, then again - I get mixed up every week.  🤣

    4. Boatlady


      That sounds like retirement...I never know what day it is.

  10. Happy 4th everyone! Let's see what the designers have this week
  11. Happy 4th!

    1. Connie Prince

      Connie Prince

      Happy 4th of July to you!  Hope you guys have a wonderful day :)

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Same to you, Angie.

    3. Marie-Christine


      Happy 4th July to you all.

  12. Thank you everyone who participated in this years Sale-A-Bration! I didn't get to participate as much as I wanted to, who knew it would decided to rain for a month straight...sick husband and kids....and then just work on top of that. But I did look through all the galleries and threads daily and enjoyed watching the answers to the games and seeing layouts. You all are amazing! I think we should have a party every month 🙂 All winners have been posted to the thread. I did also post the 3 top winners to the participation thread but here they are also $75 @GraceJ $50 @Pab
  13. Congratulations to our top 3 winners @GraceJ you are the $75 winner @Pab you are the $50 winner @bcgal00 you are the $25 winner I'll send gift certificates soon
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