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  1. These were fun to make and delicious too! Charred Baby Peppers with Lime and Cashew Vinaigrette
  2. We tried these the other night. Very easy, delicious and festive!
  3. Here is my card, pretty last minute! Spicy Sesame Smashed Cucumber Salad
  4. goosie


    sounds so yummy and your card is so pretty too!
  5. Love this. I'll be trying this for sure. Cute card all around!
  6. This sounds really good, a must try. Love the design of the card.
  7. Such a pretty card. My hubby would love this!
  8. This will be a keeper recipe. Such a cute card. Love the summer colors!
  9. goosie

    Cherry Salad

    What a cute card and fun recipe. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I've seen this recipe around and I've always wanted to try it! They are so pretty and your card is so pretty too!
  11. All I can say is Mmmmm! Blackberry Popovers
  12. Here is my recipe Pancake in a Bowl It is a Weight Watcher's friendly recipe, very low in points; usually the points are only for the the pancake mix you use. And you make just the 1 serving, so you don't have a whole pile of pancakes around, but still very filling and satisfying. Give it a try!
  13. This is a Weight Watchers friendly recipe . On the blue plan, this only 2 points for the Pancake mix I used, and it is very tasty and quite filling. And you can make it with whatever flavors you like. So easy!
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