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  1. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated. Congratulations to all the finishers!
  2. I've updated the World Tour Passport. Thanks for all the fun!
  3. Saturday, September 30th Sadly, we’re at the end of our World Tour! Today we get to hang out with Marilyn! She can show us any cool places we’ve missed. Take some time to finish any layouts and leave some love on the other layouts in the gallery. Thanks so much for joining us!
  4. Wow, what a fantastic set of photos! I like how you've arranged them and the alpha is a great touch. Perfect layout for the challenge.
  5. Friday, September 29th Our 2023 world tour is almost over! We took a few photos with the LOVE statue while out walking in the city. Yes, that is me in the photo. (And of course we can go see Hamilton tonight) Add an Alpha or large title to your page. Post your completed Canada-NYC layout in the World Tour Gallery.
  6. Thursday, September 28th We’ve arrived in New York City and are headed shopping on 5th Avenue. Add FIVE photos to your page.
  7. Wednesday, September 27th We’re stopping off in Churchill, Canada. It may only be a small town of 1,000 residents, but Churchill draws huge crowds every year to see its most famous inhabitants, the polar bears. Nicknamed the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” Churchill is located in the Manitoba province on the Hudson Bay shore. Start a new layout with a predominantly white background.
  8. Tuesday, September 26th For our last stop in Norway, we're visiting Tromsø, the capital of the Arctic. It is located right in the middle of Northern Norway. If your bucket list includes the northern lights, whale watching, the midnight sun, and epic nature adventures, you'll love this stop. Add a lighting effect or a style somewhere on your page. Post your "Norway" page in the World Tour Gallery.
  9. Congratulations to this week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts posted in the gallery): A Ride in the Park by Jane in N.Z. @Jane in N.Z Weekly Challenge Winner (chosen from layouts posted in the Tuesday and Weekend Challenges): Beach Days by Florida granny @Florida granny To claim your prize, please email: hello@scrapgirls.com Want a chance to win Scrap Girls’ Weekly Layout Contest? Simply post your digital or paper layouts that use Scrap Girls products in our online Gallery; if we choose yours, you’ll win a prize! To be considered, don’t forget to list the Scrap Girls products that you used in your layout.
  10. Today we're visiting Fredrikstad, Norway The star-shaped old town of Fredrikstad was founded in 1567 and is the best-preserved fortress town in Northern Europe. In well-preserved buildings and along cobbled streets you will find a blend of everyday life, art, history, quaint shops, museums, galleries, theatres and charming cafés. People have shopped here since 1640. The star-shaped defense walls around the town are perfect for picnics and strolls. Add a star to your layout
  11. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated. As always, let me know if I've missed any of your layouts. Almost half of you are already done!
  12. Sunday, September 24th We’ve headed farther north and landed in Norway. We’ve arrived in Undredal, Norway. A small fishing village on the banks of the beautiful Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the much bigger Sognefjord in the very heart of the west Norwegian fjords. This captivating fjord village is tiny yet it's a treasure trove of enchanting landscapes, historic landmarks, and cultural riches. Goats outnumber people in Undredal, though they say the goat cheese is exceptional. Choose the color palette for your layout from this photo.
  13. Saturday, September 23rd This medieval castle is best known for its literary connection to William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, in which the title character is made "Thane of Cawdor". Cawdor Castle is an integral part of the play where it serves as one of the primary settings. We have tickets to see Shakespeare at Cawdor Castle tonight! I wonder which play it will be. Maybe something fun like A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Add a quote to your page. Bonus points if you can work in a Shakespearean quote. Post your Scotland layout in the in the World Tour Gallery.
  14. Friday, September 22nd Today we’re getting a full tour of the castle and its gardens. We even get to climb up to the turrets and hang out on the battlements. On our tour, we’ll see lots of portraits of generations of Campbells, some amazing Flemish tapestries, the holly tree in the dungeon. No locking each other in the dungeons, shooting arrows from the battlements or swimming in the moat. There is a hedge maze too. I hope no one gets lost! Add an arrow, a flag or pennant, some plaid and a bit of greenery to your page. They don’t have to be big!
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