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  1. My dad holding his baby sister, Virginia. Uses the April 2021 ScrapSimple Club
  2. No, it wasn't. I tried to find a setting on the back end that would control it, but wasn't able to. I even logged in as her from the back end of the forum. It is possible that it has something to do with your profile settings, but I haven't played with those yet.
  3. I've updated the Challenge Chase Tracker.
  4. Congratulations to last week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts posted in the gallery): Renier & Esti by Belle @Belle Weekly Challenge Winner (Chosen from layouts posted in the Tuesday and Weekend Challenge Galleries): Hydrangea by Hiddenartist @Hiddenartist Congratulations to this week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts posted in the gallery): Walk by Rochelle @Rochelle Weekly Challenge Winner (Chosen from layouts posted in the Tuesday and Weekend Challenge Galleries): Cut
  5. The Challenge Chase Tracker is up!
  6. Thanks for the recommendation, Andrea. Nice to see that more of the boxed sets are Kindle Unlimited. So, I checked my purchase history, and I read the first book in 2014.
  7. I haven't forgotten about this. I'll be posting the winners in the Weekly Winner post tomorrow.
  8. I was all set to update the winners and challenge chase when an old friend from high school came to visit my dad. My dad isn't able to talk, but I had a nice 2 1/2 hour talk down memory lane.  We have more family coming to say goodbye tomorrow, so I may not get to it until Monday. Sorry for the delay.


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    2. Boatlady


      Not a problem,  family first and visiting friends a very close second.

    3. GraceJ


      No worries, family first, take care and enjoy the time with your dad and friend. Happy weekend my dear!

    4. Mikelle


      Thinking of you and your family, April.  I hope these last few days have been peaceful.

  9. Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting layouts for prizes is tonight! iNSD Prizes: *Anyone who finishes a layout for all 6 iNSD Chats by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Monday, May 3rd will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a $40 ScrapGirls Shop Gift Certificate! Layouts must be posted in the inerNational Scrapbook Day 2021 Gallery. **There are more prizes for any participant who qualifies: Complete 2 iNSD Challenge layouts, and you'll receive a $2 Gift Certificate! Complete 4 iNSD Challenge layouts, and you'll recei
  10. I've updated the Challenge Chase Tracker. Way to go all you finishers! And even if you didn't finish, you still did a lot of layouts.
  11. This looks fantastic Diane. The flowers you used are som of my favorites. Beautifully done, and thanks for joining the challenge.
  12. 4:00 p.m. EDT - Tips & Techniques Challenge Are you inspired by the techniques in the Scrap Girls Newsletters, but need a push to try them out? If so, this challenge is for you! Join April (April Showers) in the chatroom where we'll answer technique questions, review a few tutorials and share our favorite digital scrapbooking tips. Thanks to all who came! These are the two tutorials we referenced 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Scrapping Photo Placement Tips for Digital Scrapbook Layouts Your Challenge is to try a new technique from the Learn How section, and let us know which tuto
  13. May 2021 Challenge Chase Here's how to participate in the May Challenge Chase: -Sign-up on this thread so I can add you to the tracking spreadsheet. You can sign-up any time during the month! -Complete 6 Challenge Chase Layouts during the month. Choose any you'd like from the 4 May Monthly Challenges and the regular weekly challenges (Newsletter and Weekend). -You have all month to complete the layouts! You could do all six the first week of the month if you'd like. -To qualify, Challenge Chase layouts must be posted in one of the following three galleries and meet
  14. I made the 15 1/2 hour drive to my dad's today. I'll do the final update on this tomorrow, when my brain is functioning a bit better.
  15. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated. So many of you are already done! Cheering you on if you haven't finished yet.
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