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  1. I like how you've incorporated the colors from the photo into the elements. The red is a nice "pop." Cute fox!
  2. Takes me back to my Maine travels. Great paper selection and elements add to the foggy effect.
  3. Special layout for a sweet lil guy! You've created a great color combination with cute elements.
  4. Everything about this is so cute! Love the sparkly title and heart.
  5. My grandson Nelson graduated high school. Technique: Color swatches from index table; DCA_Brush Set_Grad Dreams; BHS_Storyteller papers and elements
  6. Thanks, Marilyn! Doing good. Hope same for you. Looks like a fun week ahead. 😃
  7. 6/23 - Friday Game - Done6/24 - Weekend Challenge - Done - Graduation6/25 - Sunday Game6/26 - Monday Game6/27 - Tuesday Challenge6/28 - Wednesday Game6/29 - Thursday Challenge6/30 - Friday Game
  8. Thanks for all the great recipes! Can't wait to try some of them.
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