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  1. Guess what! I decided to search my files again after looking in my gallery here and seeing a few more layouts I didn't remember. I started to wonder if I somehow lost all my 2010 layouts. But I found them! Silly me! Many years ago, I dumped all my layouts up through 2012 into a folder I titled "2012 Scrapbook Pages," a folder I didn't bother to look in earlier today, assuming it was only 2012 pages. 🙄 This was a reasonable assumption, because every year since then, I have created a new folder for each year's layouts. Yay for being organized. Hopefully better someday! 😊
  2. That must be it Carla! The photos are the right ones and it matches the speed scrap directions. Thank you so very much! I don't remember making it and I did not find it in all my file searching on my computer or at my Smugmug site where I back up all my images. I wonder what happened to it. Well, at least I can download the web size version. Thanks for the directions to look at all my layouts too. That link is kind of hidden, though easy enough once you know where it is.
  3. By the way, I do have all the original photos from my son's birthday, more than what would have been on the scrapbook page. Here are a few, in case you know somewhere to look for scrapbook pages and want to check to see if you found the one I'm looking for.
  4. I'm searching for an old scrapbook layout I made October 21, 2010, for a speed scrap here. I found my text notes about it, including all the steps for the speed scrap, the designer credits, and my journaling. But I've searched my files and I can't find the actual layout! Such a mystery! So I decided to come search my old gallery here. But I can only find my albums, none of which contain this layout. I remember we could have layouts that weren't filed into albums. How do I find those? I know I uploaded more layouts in the few years I was active here (2007 - 2010) than appear in the albu
  5. Guess what! I was able to log in with Reminiscing. When I tried this afternoon, I used "mom2rci" which was my original username here, before I asked to change it to Reminiscing. At the time of that change I was told that Reminiscing would show up as my name, but that I'd still log in with "mom2rci." I guess with the forum remodel, my username got fully changed to Reminiscing. So no need to do anything. I can access my original account now. Edited to add: Wait, there is something that needs to change. My original account, Reminiscing, still has my old Verizon email address attached to i
  6. Scrapgirls was my original digiscrap stomping ground since I became a member in 2007. My username was Reminiscing. I see some familiar names. But this new forum won't let me log in with my Reminiscing username. I also tried clicking on the Contact and Email links on a couple of the pages and nothing happened. (Maybe it doesn't work in the Safari browser I use.) I came by because I wanted to look in my old gallery, containing the scrapbook pages I made while I was a Scrapgirls devotee from 2007 to 2010 or 2011. I tried to do a search in the gallery for my username (before I created this
  7. Hi! I looked for a general chatting forum, but this looks like the most appropriate for a simple hello. I was active at ScrapGirls from 2007 to around 2010. After that I explored the possibilities of scrapping for hire and starting a photography business. My kids are now 15, nearly 13, and nearly 10, still homeschooling, and wonderful people! We still live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. During the last several years I've nearly completely dropped scrapbooking and then got back into it again. I'm attached to a different digiscrap place now, but I will always have a fondness in my heart for
  8. Happy Birthday Michele! Hope your special day is an awesome one!

  9. Happy birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Reminiscing


      Just found your birthday wishes today. Thank you Belle. Happy 2014 to you!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with delight.

    1. Reminiscing


      Just found your birthday wishes today. Thank you! Have a fabulous 2014!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Michele!

    1. Reminiscing


      Hi Carla! I just dropped in to see if I'm subscribed to any threads because April emailed to say emails to me have been bouncing back to them and am only just today seeing the birthday wish you sent me November 22. Thanks! I hope you are doing well. Happy 2014!!!

  12. 1. one photo; treat with style, action, mask, blending mode I used a masked by Syndee Nuckles from Picturesque on my main photo and turned all my photos black and white. 2. use a sketch or layout template ASO_SSDLO_12x12_NegSpace 3. Add 1 - 4 additional photos to support the main photo. 4. one paper for each photo on your layout ABR_GypsyBoots_12x12_SolidBlue SNU_Picturesque_Paper-Brilliance (red) SNU_Picturesque_Paper-Sunflower 5. 6 embellies: 1 should be metal, 1 should be rope/string SNU_SSEmb_Torn
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