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  1. A speedlite bounced behind you to provide some soft even lighting. I have video lights that work well too. You want even light, soft shadows. If shooting on manual, make sure you have proper exposure so there is little or no noise in the image and no blown highlights (so too little light or too much light is not desirable). I like to photograph outside on my porch if possible, natural light works the best if you can do that, or by a window and then light from the opposite direction to even out the light. For shooting from above, stand on a chair, tilting camera down, but be very careful
  2. bcgal00


    Such a pretty page!
  3. After training Bella (labradoodle) while my daughter was here, she moved out on Thurs (with Bella) and we picked up our new little girl, a mini aussie. We named her Remi. I'm going to be super busy with her for awhile so still won't be too involved in scrapping for a bit but I'll be back :)

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    2. bcgal00


      Mari - yes I miss having Jen here (and Bella) but they are 5 minutes away so we'll still see them often and Remi does keep me so busy that I don't have time to miss them too much LOL. Between play, bathroom, feeding, training, etc, I'm kept busy most of the day and she has to go out at least twice a night right now so I'm already sleep deprived. I'm thrilled tho b/c she is exactly the right fit for our family.

    3. MariJ


      Well, that sounds good for you all, Rae - I'm happy for you!

    4. alsoarty


      I saw Remi's photos on Facebook. So adorable. It's a handful to train a puppy. Good luck!

  4. Wonderful text blended into the background and the torn paper works so well for this gorgeous page!
  5. Any prayers, well wishes and/or positive thoughts appreciated, please. Now Bailey's caregiver has COVID but the other 3 aren't showing symptoms. We pray she doesn't get it. She is extremely high risk with her chemo, meds, brain seizures/encephalitis, etc. Poor girl. I believe in positive thinking so....any is appreciated. Thx.

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    2. bcgal00


      Each day that she stays healthy is a small lift of worry. If her and the other caretakers don't show any symptoms by next wk I think they will be ok from the outbreak. The caretaker fortunately is already starting to feel better and hasn't had any serious complications. 

    3. MariJ


      That's a positive start for sure..   Still holding good thoughts for you all....

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thanks for the update. I'm keeping good thoughts for all of them.

  6. Thx for coming back and commenting. Appreciate it. It's certainly been a rough month for us.
  7. We don't get all the Hallmark or holiday movies that are available in the U.S. but we do get quite a few. I love the cheesy stories and happy endings. I like "feel-good" kind of movies in December and watch them from Dec 1-24th. Then I get back into my regular programming. I'm the only one who watches them, my hubs and daughter aren't interested. Xmas Eve we'll binge something totally not Xmassy, like Ratched or Fargo. Last year I loved "Last Christmas". A few all-time faves are "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas With the Kranks".
  8. I like Xmas music but don't listen much but my fave is "Mary Did You Know" by Pentatonix. I discussed them a few years ago and absolutely love their voices.
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