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  1. Hi! As you can see I did the full page photo for Jacqueline and Channing...I'm wondering if it will be trimmed too much if its at least 1/2 inch???? Would I be safer to go with the one like the screenshot! I totally agree about selecting the correct template on left....I know the one I had selected has text. I found the one for using 12 x24, thank goodness but think the one for 12x12 is off
  2. I need advice please....I am currently loading wedding photos that I've done to Shutterfly. I have had all kind of issues. One time they told me the resolution was off...It is at 300 dpi. At first it showed the text running off the page....keep getting warning about too close to edge and photo will be clipped. not sure why its doing this as I have other full photos layouts. I really got the run around from Shutterfly. I'm going to attach a screenshot and let me know if this is what I should do instead.This first one should have worked!
  3. Pretty card and I love lemon piccata. My recipe doesn't call for cream... I will try this!
  4. Hi!!! Yes I have done that in the past...I had done one before that had a paper cover and I did it inside the cover. This time however I plan to do a hard cover so won't have that area available. Do you think I should add it to the very back page? I really wanted to use the white embossed paper there, unless I create a text box with that in it? Thoughts?
  5. I had tried that but found I had to reset preferences on relaunch!!!
  6. I am going nuts...I was fooling around with word art....trying the Asian tool....then turned it off....now my letters are continuing to space. I have contactedAdobe and they said it was just time to upgrade. That doesn't make sense to me as it was working great before! I am going to try to show a screenshot. Can anyone help me?
  7. I'm thinking tat too! Thanks for your advice....Will probably just one of the pretty white embossed papers i there!!! You answered it completely!!
  8. Hi there! It would be the first page of the 12 x 24, so in other words you would have one blank page on the back side....of it being a 12 x 12. Its not pasted to the cover
  9. Hi there! Yes, that's what I meant! Lol! Sometimes I don't know about my explaining things very well!
  10. I have a question.....there would be one blank page 12 x 24 at beginning and end, do you leave these blank and just add paper or create a totally different layout for these two pages? I would assume I would create one. I have been working chronologically so now I'm going to have to figure out what to put there. Thanks for input! I would like to do some form of word Art for the winery, I'm not very good at it....I had done this one.... although I want something smaller. Open to some ideas! I was working with Syndee Nichols tutorial....I have older PSE...I found a workaround to use the Asian Options....for some reason its spacing everything I type really far between letters and when I highlight the text and use the option it changes it very little!! My main concern now is not getting to type correctly... HELP!
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