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  1. mimes1


    All the texture in the papers and in the title is really cool. Bright, happy, vibrant page! And I always like zoo pages!
  2. mimes1


    Aww - this is so sweet.
  3. mimes1


    The texture and the blending on this is wonderfu. The edgey frames are really cool. Drew me right in!
  4. mimes1

    Hospital Page 5

    Yep - me too. You are very good at documenting your journey in an honest, heartfelt, good attitude way. These are wonderful layouts and I'm sure you will look back at all of them and be really glad you took the time to journal all the details.
  5. mimes1

    Take the Trail!

    Scrap Girls Club ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Nature Walk Masks This photo was taken in the greenbelt right behind our house.
  6. mimes1

    Find Happiness

    Love the minimalmist effect on this layout. So introspective and quieting. Beautiful.
  7. mimes1

    My girl

    This is so pretty! I LOVE the halfttone texture, and the color pallette is fantastic. Wonderful job!
  8. Your work and blending style is lovely.
  9. Great way to put the two side by side! You are very talented and its fun to see how you've grown.
  10. mimes1

    Olivia on Horse

    Congratulations to your new rider! Great job with the blending - the chick wire in the background is awesome.
  11. This is fantastic! I love the gesso look background with the photo blended so well and highly saturated! It looks perfect and wonderful and so very creative.
  12. This looks great! I love seeing the difference between the two, and how you kept the angular placement of the photos but adjusted them so nicely to each other. I like the blended background alot too. Really nice work!
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