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  1. Super cute! The antlers on top of the tree is so creative. Love your journaling too.
  2. Love the simplicty of this. And Charlottes cheetah jacket is so cute. And that body posture of Bo's is very determined!
  3. So adorable! Love all the textures and blending and Charlotte is so sweet. Pony is cute too! I love everything about this.
  4. These have artistic renditions of peacocks, both current in the store: Spice Road Collection Biggie Peacock Wedding Collection Biggie Funny enough I looked through my stash as well and peacocks are not well represented! Maybe a designer will see this and come to your rescue!
  5. So pretty. The vertical elements look so nice. The contrast of the messy stitching against the beautiful florals is is unexpected and brings a nice depth to your page.
  6. I continue to love this series of yours. The plain background is so perfect with multiple photos. The light colored text looks nice too.
  7. The large title looks super running vertically. The bat paper looks chain link, leaving me thinking I’m looking at your layout through a chain link fence, like a kid would in the old days. Very cool layout.
  8. This is SO COOL!! Love love love!! The more I look the more there is to see. Love the angles, the colors, the chalky look - This is brilliantly creative!
  9. That is some incredible lighting! Beautiful showcasing of it all - the energy is amazing.
  10. Wow! Gorgeous in so many details! What a fantastic view you have. Are those birds foraging in your yard? If so, what are they?
  11. The patchwork background is so pretty and the flower is beautiful. Is that one of those flowers that blooms only for a few hours? The color palette is so soft and pretty.
  12. That is quite a beautiful field of light! Imagine how long that would have taken to set that up! Someone (or many someones) surely made that a labor of love. The dark background is a nice way to emphasize them.
  13. So cute! What a great way to use an out of box effect. The santa border is very creative. And of course baby is adorable.
  14. Love the bright happy colors and the simple embellishments is so effective for your theme but allows your photos to take center. Pictures from behind are always so fun and meaningful - leaves me wondering what's next along the trail.
  15. Doggie layouts are always awesome. Love all the different faces and fluff! Love the word art with the pawprint.
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