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  1. Stunning. What a great shot of the baby being fed. What a beautiful bird. So cool that you live where they are a local species.
  2. HERE is my scraplift layout. I scraplifted Jane's Layout.
  3. BMU_Zoomba (Retired) ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Nature Walk Masks A bunch of KK grafitti - random collections. @Jane in N.Z Thank you for your inspiration. Your style is so creative. I love this series of yours so much. Scraplifted from Jane's Layout. How perfect to Scraplift one of Janes layouts from her vacation/memorial pages for my daughters trip to NZ!
  4. @MariJ and @April Showers both have Shutterfly experience. Hopefully one of them can help answer your question.
  5. Here's a couple of cards that I made this week. I printed them, glued them onto a matte, then onto folded cardstock so they had like a double frame. Retirement Card Sympathy Card
  6. mimes1

    Retirement Card

    BDS_Photos of Life (Retired) Manmade Collection Biggie Focus Embellishments Retirement card for a friend and avid wildlife photographer.
  7. mimes1

    Sympathy Card

    A Sympathy Card I made for a friend. Grace Collection Biggie Grace Number Overlays Paper Super Mini
  8. mimes1

    Happy Birthday Mackenzie

    This is great. The energy and the grunge elements are so pleasing, The angles bring nice movement and the background paper is pretty amazing.
  9. So whimsical and pretty. The mixing of the fonts on the title work is really creative and brings in a real element of interest. Really nicely done.
  10. Adorable! The sentiment is perfect and the little sloth is so cute.
  11. mimes1

    April 4

    Great job with the masks! The mosaic edges go great with the snow and the light background looks like perfect cloud cover after a snowy day.
  12. mimes1


    You did a great job with your extraction. The way your son is walking away in front of the music portrays nicely your theme of ending something special. The silhouette is pretty cool too.
  13. mimes1

    Day 93 Road

    I love how your photo treatment looks almost like torn paper. So beautiful. And the sentiment is aweome.
  14. That’s cool!! The shadow is a GREAT way to show you were there! And the linear elements are super. Love it!
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