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  1. Hilarious story! You could take a photo of a tater tot and extract it for your layout?
  2. Must Love Horses Collection The girls look like twins!
  3. Hi @GraceJ - the horse is actually an element from the Western Rodeo Collection. Pretty close resemblence to Erinn's horse, huh!
  4. This is so cute! Caught my eye in the gallery right away. Your idea to make it look like a comic book is creative genius, and what a great way to get so many pictures on one page. Each one could have it's very own caption! The lower left looks like Julianne is telling daddy a hilarious secret, and the middle bottom looks like the secret was so funny she fell right over laughing. Love this, so good!!
  5. CC#4 WWC #3 - Themed layout with unique embellishments
  6. Frontier Collection Western Rodeo Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Bent Shadow Do you ever have layouts that take forever and don't make sense and you don't like them and then one day it all falls together in 5 minutes? This is one of those.
  7. Scrap Girls Club ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Blended Over Photo mask and mask overlay only. This club takes my breath away. It's so gorgeous and so many fun elements to play with.
  8. CC#3 Monthly Challenge #4 - Leave some Love.
  9. This is so gorgeous! The cluster is perfection and the title work justified to the right edge looks so good. Just so pretty.
  10. mimes1

    Love bikes

    What a fun page! What a privilege to have all those photos documenting your love for bikes. Your background is perfectly vintage, and your clusters look really pretty.
  11. The colors of your photos really drew me in - the way they are overlayed looks creative and unexpected! Lovely blending.
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