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  1. Beautiful! I love the gold frame!
  2. 2Dscrap

    Christmas Angel

    That background paper is just gorgeous! Lovely page.
  3. This is very pretty. I love the rich greens in this layout. Very nicely done! 2Dscrap
  4. How lucky you are to be living in such beautiful surroundings! I've moved around a good bit over the years, but have never lived in a place like this. Maybe someday...... Nice layout. Love the fall colors.
  5. 2Dscrap

    At the beach

    I just love old photos - they have such charm. The ribbon looks great and I like the color of your background paper. I like to see when people pair black & white photos with color. 2Dscrap
  6. 2Dscrap

    ~Your Hair~

    I also like the unexpected color combination. It still looks feminine yet there is a lot of black.
  7. 2Dscrap


    Great baby pictures! Nice color choices - I like the background paper. 2Dscrap
  8. 2Dscrap

    Brotherly Love

    I really like that shade of blue for the background. It is very eye-catching. And the bits of red really set it off. This looks great. 2Dscrap
  9. 2Dscrap

    Father's Day 2006

    Great photo. I love the color combination and that font is one I don't remember seeing before. I'll have to look for that one. 2Dscrap
  10. I really like the paper you chose for the background, and I agree that the fold really adds something here. 2Dscrap
  11. 2Dscrap

    Places Called Home

    I'd love to do a layout like this. I've lived in 5 states and they all appear to show up on one of the maps in this collection. I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for the inspiration! 2Dscrap
  12. 2Dscrap

    Let it Snow

    Nice layout. I also like the white background. Having lived just far enough in from Lake Erie to get dumped on with lake effect snow for 12 long winters, I can relate to your Syracuse weather. The word "snow" was one of the earliest words in my children's vocabulary. They miss the snow terribly - there is little skiing going on here in Indiana! Hope to see more "snowy" layouts from you in the future! 2Dscrap
  13. 2Dscrap

    Love Much

    I love your color choices, and the swirling shapes in the upper left corner add movement and interest to the layout. It all works very well with the photo of your little boy.
  14. Nice photo! It is hard to get a great picture of newborn babies. This is well suited for a baby boy's birth announcement. Congratulations on your latest addition!
  15. 2Dscrap


    I love this picture! Aren't cats wonderful?! Lately, I take more photos of my cats than my kids.
  16. 2Dscrap

    Laugh, Live, Love

    Nice work! This reminds me of some old photos I have. Isn't it funny how people used to make a point of taking pictures in front of these big old cars? They were such a novelty at the time I guess. Anyway, I like what you've done with it.
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