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  1. Hello Michelle Ann, I am Lynn and every day I look at the birthdays to find someone older than I am. So far you win the prize with the age of 103 today. That is wonderful and I hope you are well. Do you still do scrapbooking? I will be 79 in September but you have certainly beaten me.

    Anyone else near our ages?

    Lynn (mrh)

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  3. I love your OOB layout .Children are such wonderful subjects and when I see a LO like this, it reminds me to always have my camera with me. Hope you are feeling better. Lynn (FL)
  4. Wonderful LO, great use of colors and embells. And I just love the way you have all the paws "out of bounds". I think your journaling is so perfect for the 2 page LO. Lynn
  5. (lynn)

    Month of Memories

    Layouts from the class
  6. (lynn)

    Look to the Sky

    From the album: Month of Memories

    The journaling tells the story of my silhouette LO. Font--Jester Frames--Element Frame Stamp 4 Paper--SG Refresh 2 DEB Multi Daily Do (with changes) TFL Lynn
  7. Great use of colors and they go so well with your pictures. Cookies look good enough to eat. Lynn
  8. From the album: Month of Memories

    I hope this comes out OK. I tried all setitngs on my camera and could not find a close up one. So the pictures are not to good. The journaling tells the story. Maybe I need a more up-to-date camera. Template--Daily Do (with a few changes) Paper--MRE Treasures Floral Color Embells--ABR Intuition Bow & Flower Font--LD Becca TFL Lynn
  9. (lynn)

    About Me

    From the album: Month of Memories

    Nothing fancy in this LO but it tells about my house and me. Most of the time I am at my computer and working on genealogy or scrapping as the journaling says. The soapstone plaque is a memory from my earliest years that will be passed down in the family.(it belonged to my gr-grandmother) I can't imagine having a kitchen without it. Template--Daily Do Paper--DEB Old Elegance and JHI Scruffy Neutrals Kraft Special Font--Bradley Hand ITC
  10. (lynn)

    Self Portrait

    Such a good idea taking your pix in the car. This kind of idea never comes to me, that's why I enjoy seeing everyones pictures. Lynn
  11. From the album: Month of Memories

    I sent my DD a copy of my picture for page 1 of my LO. (her dog) On LO page 2, is her answer which almost completes the story. Template--Daily Do Paper--DEB Old Elegance Font--Bangle Thin Brads--STI Renew Embell.
  12. From the album: Month of Memories

    This was originally a photo, then made into a poster, then a picture taken of the poster with my Pentax camera. Day 8 was to take a pix of someone with a lot of Character which this dog had.This is page 1 of a 2 page LO. Template--Daily Do Paper--DEB Old Elegance and STI Hearth Special Paper Frame--MRE Well Loved Embell. Font--Bangle Thin Emb.--MST Coffee Stains and MRE Brad
  13. (lynn)


    What a nice view to look at every day, in every season. The colors you used are wonderful. Lynn
  14. (lynn)

    Day 5 - contrast

    I love the contrast and serenity in your "snow" picture. Those of you who live where you get a change of seasons are lucky. I also like the black and white photo. Lynn
  15. (lynn)


    From the album: Month of Memories

    When the temps drop below freezing in FL, it will destroy outside plants and landscaping. Sometimes they will come back. It's a wait and see. Picture is my front and back yard after our 22° last night. Template--Daily Do Fonts--Bradley Hand ITC and Jester Brads--MRE Treasures Paper--VRA Beachin Plain Embells--LAW Stencil Golden Period SG Refresh_TCS Tag green TFL Lynn
  16. (lynn)

    A New Day

    From the album: Month of Memories

    My alarm clock is a part of my day. If I have something to do, I'm usually up about 4AM. See journaling. When all my pics are complete, I will rearrange them a little. I am really enjoying doing this 30 day thing. Template--Daily Do Paper--SG Refresh MST Fonts--Bart Thin Heavy and GeoSlab703 Embells.--MRE Little One Party Frame--ABR Feeling Free
  17. (lynn)

    My dogs

    Doggies ARE LOVE. All of you who have animals to scrap are fortunate. I love to look into the face of a dog. It's like lthey want to tell you something. I like the colors you used. Lynn
  18. (lynn)

    Day 1

    It's wonderful that your Pastor is also your personal friend. I hope you will give him a copy of your LO. I'm sure it will mean a lot to him. Lynn
  19. (lynn)

    Day 4 - Candid

    Amber makes a good subject for you. I liked the colors you used and especially like the frame. I've never seen that one. Lynn
  20. From the album: Month of Memories

    Many of my days are spent at doctors and hospitals. My month of memories , for my children and grandchildren, will be my activities for a month, good and not so good. TKA House Calls---Paper and embellishments Font---Bangle Poster---Done by the nurses on Cardiac floor at the hospital
  21. (lynn)

    Fall Colors

    Love your LO's with the fall colors. I feel deprived because we have none where I live. I look forward to all of you who will be sending in pictures of beautiful fall. Lynn (in FL)
  22. I love your butterfly LO. I envy all of you who are able to do this. I will try very soon. Lynn
  23. (lynn)

    Generations of Love

    This is so heartwarming--just beautiful. I was looking for an idea to use with my daughters 90+ MIL and her first and only grandchild (my granddaughter Phoenix, now 2). This is a picture to be proud of. Lynn
  24. Love your LO and the colors you used. I envy you being able to drive to the grocery and pass such beautiful scenery on the way. I don't have any snow but neither do I get the beautiful change of seasons. I hope you'll take a picture of this same spot when it has snow on it. Lynn
  25. (lynn)

    The Pilot Updated

    Just love the journaling in the airplane shape. I wish I could do things like that. Maybe someday. A great LO. Lynn
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