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  1. Yes Marilyn - my sister Sue is the oldest & my brother Trevor is the youngest. We are spread far & wide. Sue lives on the Gold Coast & Trev lives in Western Australia.
  2. This is where I walk around the neighbourhood. It is so peaceful with all the trees & birds as well as the creek that runs through the area. ABR Nature Walk Masks ABR Brush Set Nature Walk Quotes BMU Basil & Co
  3. Here is mine for #11 1 point Here is mine for #31 1 point
  4. MPE Dad's Suitcase Collection
  5. Ever since Alistair was a baby he has loved books. Kay used to read to him every day before putting him down for a sleep and to bed at night. This has instilled a love of reading into him no matter where he is - at a museum, a historical site or even when they are bush camping. When he flew over to spend a camping holiday with us, his hand luggage was a bag full of books. He read every one of them during his two week stay. Now it holds him in good stead as he enters into the next phase of his life at university. ABR SSDLT Creative Soul BMU Book Club Collection BMU Botanical WA
  6. Looks like a lovely place to walk. I like the olive green background and embellishments. Nice quote.
  7. I love all the different fonts & the embossed background. Great framing with the flowers & other embellishments.
  8. ASD Making a Splash Paper Painted AFT Antique Edges Paper SRO SSEmb Photo Masks5 SNU SSAlpha Die Cut Clipart from WWW
  9. Here is mine for #9 1 point Here is mine for #16 1 point
  10. aimeeh Fall Into You Paper PJU SSEmb Fall Botanical Masks AMC SSEmb Doodle Pad Badge from WWW
  11. This is very pretty. The template is not an easy one to utilise but the butterfly papers interspersed is a great effect. Such pretty butterflies.
  12. Cute little monkey. Nice page.
  13. scrapgran

    #7 Snow Pal

    Look at those rosy red cheeks. He must be so old. I like the collection you used.
  14. scrapgran

    #5 Metal Art

    That photo is perfect for this challenge. I love the castors under the photo. Great page.
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