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  1. Happy birthday to you!

  2. CRS

    Happy Birthday!

  3. What a neat layout - I love the creativity of writing your son a poem, what a neat way to have captured a memory to remember all these years later!
  4. Oh, they're adorable! I like how you arranged the pics down the side.
  5. sheriL


    Misc. family pages
  6. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

  7. Happy Birthday Sheri, I hope you have a day and year filled with wonderful family & friends! Hugs, Sherry

  8. What a neat tribute to your mom. It sounds like she's an amazing woman. I love the way you fit so many details of her life into such a unique layout.
  9. Love that resolution! Its a great reminder that we're all just truckin' along, doing the best we can.
  10. sheriL

    Tyler- sweet dreams

    Just documenting my son's unusual sleep habits! Supplies in the EXIF
  11. sheriL

    good eats 2

    He's a cutie, and this kit was a perfect choice for this memory.
  12. What a cute photo! Love how you cut it out and framed it with all the "wild" animals.
  13. sheriL

    Darren Skating

    Supplies in the exif data.
  14. sheriL

    January desktop

    What a pretty desktop! It looks so nice and clean to start a new year.
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