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  1. Scrapin Pat

    PL 2024 Week 8

    Bog walks are so nice bet you will have lots of people enjoying your hard work. I think the hardware embellishments are perfect for this.
  2. What a great family picture in #5. I like how you have sort of bullet journaled these pages - these things and then the numbered items. The blue and the flowers make this a really pretty page.
  3. What great smiles - this looks like so much fun. Lucky you! I like the colors - how the colors of the flower match the colors of the beach shell cluster up above.
  4. Here are my February pages. Left Side Right side I was pretty confident I had the right template that would give me consistency from month to month and already questioning it.🤪 But at least I am current.
  5. I used BMU Winter Kiss for the tree BMU Seize the day for the blue matting paper - ABL Digital Stickers for the bird The template and tree paper are Katie the creative lady - the little houses by Traci Reed
  6. I have used BMU Winter Kiss for the snow flake embellishments. BMU Seize the day for the blue matting paper. The template and tree background are from Katie the Creative Lady.
  7. I like the use of the larger photo on the left with the title. Sounds like a fun visit. Isn't it fun to watch the kids do their sports? Smart choice to just watch. I sometimes think I have missed seeing the whole of performances trying to capture a picture.
  8. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 5

    What a great collection of family photos. Looks like a fun birthday celebration. This template works well. I like how your title has mixed colors.
  9. Scrapin Pat

    PL 2024 Week 7

    How exciting to be planning new adventures. That sweater will be perfect for traveling. You are such a talented knitter. And lucky you to have spring blooms already. You have combined the pictures well. I like how you use the torn notebook pages for your journaling.
  10. This was an experiment for me. I listened to a podcast where they interviewed Marcia Fortunato a scrapbooker. She has a project where each month her kids send her a picture either of themselves or something they are doing, and she combines them into a monthly family portrait. I like the idea since it is harder to scrap the grand kids once they get into the adulting stage. So, I tried it. Not everyone responded. I am hoping maybe when they see the page and what I am trying to do they might jump in for another on later in the year. January Family Portrait
  11. I listened to a pod cast where they interviewed Marcia Fortunato a scrapbooker. She has a project where she gathers pictures from every family member each month and puts them together in a monthly portrait. I loved the idea and thought it would get the adulting crews voice into my scrapbook. This is my try. Obviously her crew is a little more cooperative lol. Not all my crew responded. I used TMD Life notes and the little cluster with the camera has embellishments from Aimee Hanson and Jennifer Ziegler
  12. Scrapin Pat

    PL2024 - week 5

    Crocus - I can't wait till they pop up here. I really like the title and how you did your journaling in the little notebook.
  13. I use PSE - I will sometimes make my title in a separate ping file where I have control over spacing or sizing them all the same or just a little off. Then I add the ping file to my layout and it's easy to resize as a whole or tilt or move. I find it easier than trying to link the files together. I feel like I save time in the long run.
  14. I just posted a January right and left pages. Hoping I have a plan for some consistency in my pages but who knows? Jan left side
  15. I used TMD Life Notes Collection and a template by Katie Nelson and journal card by Ali Edwards
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