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  1. Here's Week 17 One thing that I have learned in pandemic life is that Scrapbooking can keep me on a positive note. I was vegging with Pinterest after several long days trying to attack a little plot of woods we have let go too long. We may be at it all summer lol. Overwhelm although part of Project Life doesn't scrap nicely. Anyhow I ended up doing this scrap lift aka the positive version.
  2. Scrapin Pat

    Week 17

    This is a scrap lift from Lisa Dickenson on Pinterest. I used: CAP March for the background The Word Art Hello Spring is cut from a card in HMS Spring Birds and has a Robin added from ABL Digital stickers Feathered Friends. The circles are filled with papers by Elisha Barnett / Brandy Murray / Connie Prince and Traci Reed
  3. Another month of great pictures. I love the fairy garden. My grand daughters gave me a small one a couple years ago so now I always have to have it on the edge of the patio.
  4. I really like how you have the picture with the date and journaling. Looks like some fun activity with the grands.
  5. Love your bougainvillia - had to look it up and I guess because I live in the bold north of Minnesota is why I wasn't familiar. I really like your layout - the background is a great use of purple with these pics - as is the title.
  6. Cute center piece and pretty table liner - I like your choice of background and your cluster with ribbon.
  7. Very pretty - I really like the background and how you have used both white and purple around your photos - really helps them stand out. Those crocus are a favorite of mine in the spring. So pretty.
  8. What a beautiful photo and so clever to use the shades of purple for the background. Nicely done!
  9. This page is really beautiful - your garden looks so inviting. Love the bench. Think I might just sit a spell.
  10. Here is my layout. Those first spring flowers include some purple.
  11. This was a good way to remind myself that despite the recent cold - spring is coming in spirts. There is purple in those early flowers. I used: JZI Festive Forest for the background BMU Sieze the Day for the word art around the pictures BMU Back Ground Benders for the pictures BHA Stylize and AFT Tender Spring for the flower embellishments.
  12. Wow - what a beautiful plant. I really like this page especially the mushrooms blended into the background and how you have used white space. Nicely done!
  13. I have decided that spring cleaning needs to include sorting through my digital supplies. I have tons of older stuff and am having trouble organizing and finding what I want. I'm just glad it's not physical paper product lol. Anyhow I used some really old product this week. But it fit. Week 16
  14. Scrapin Pat

    Week 16

    I am in the process of weeding through mountains of digital scrapping supplies. In the process I came across the older SG kit I used here. Thank goodness its not all paper product I'd need to build an edition LOL I started with a template by Janine Buckles and used BMU Big Blenders 2 for the larger picture. I used Doggie Tales by Thao Cosgrove for the papers and embellishment.
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