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  1. What beautiful spots to visit. I like the grasses along the bottom and the blue flowers.
  2. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 28

    The sunset picture is beautiful and perfect for the background here.
  3. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 27

    I really like how you captured all the people attending in the small pictures. Sounds like a great family weekend.
  4. Scrapin Pat

    Week 26

    For this layout I used CAP Wild Horse. It's perfect since for my grand daughters this summer is all about horses. The template was in my free template file and unfortunately I did not have the credits attached.
  5. Scrapin Pat

    Week 25

    Last year I discovered a product called deer no no - they are little pouches that I hang by the plants. I order online. So far they are working.
  6. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 25

    Looks like a very fun time with family - it's nice to see that happening again. I like the grouping with the view of the hills - your pic in the middle and then the title.
  7. Hurrah for rain and a little indoor scrapping time. Week 25
  8. Scrapin Pat

    Week 25

    Here's week 25 and a glimpse of my gardens. I used: SRO Daily Life Template 12x12 adjusted CAP Summer Time for the background GWH SS Emb lifted photos for the center frame.
  9. Catching up. Here's week 24
  10. Scrapin Pat

    Week 24

    Catching up - here's week 24. I used: CAP Summer Time ABR Stack Them 2 LLO Spare me for the bowling embellishment JRA Home Sweet Home for the sun added to the title
  11. Scrapin Pat

    PL Week 24

    What a beautiful area to hike in. I like the view looking over the river. Good luck with joint commission. Those inspections take soo much energy.
  12. Scrapin Pat

    My June

    Nothing more fun than camera play - you got some great zoom shots here.
  13. So many happy faces in those pictures. The consistency of that template is going to make a great book for the year.
  14. Yikes can it be July already? It might be harder to keep up in the summer. Week 23
  15. Isn't gardening a challenge this year with all the heat and lack of water? Glad you got to have some blooms. I like how they are the center of your lay out. You did a great job journaling the ups and downs of the month. Congrats to the graduate. Hope you get a belated celebration in person soon.
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