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  1. This was an experiment for me. I listened to a podcast where they interviewed Marcia Fortunato a scrapbooker. She has a project where each month her kids send her a picture either of themselves or something they are doing, and she combines them into a monthly family portrait.  I like the idea since it is harder to scrap the grand kids once they get into the adulting stage.  So, I tried it. Not everyone responded.  I am hoping maybe when they see the page and what I am trying to do they might jump in for another on later in the year.

    January Family Portrait


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  2. I use PSE - I will sometimes make my title in a separate ping file where I have control over spacing or sizing them all the same or just a little off. Then I add the ping file to my layout and it's easy to resize as a whole or tilt or move.  I find it easier than trying to link the files together. I feel like I save time in the long run.

  3. I did a title page.  I would be curious how those who have kids or grands in the young adulting stage of life include their voice.  I want to do more of that this year. After all the picture a grandma picks or the story I tell might not be what they would choose or how they would interpret / tell the story.  

    Title page

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  4. Other than deciding I am doing Project Life by the month I have not gotten started with this project or decided on a template or format.  I am sure eventually it will come.  Tonight, I did an intro page - may or may not keep it.  I did love watching the grand kids pouring over the scrapbooks though.

    Intro page

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  5. 12 hours ago, A-M said:

    I do like white sandy beaches and very much miss not living close to a beachside town like we used to.  

    Who wants to join me in a walk along the beach?

    I have been waiting all summer to get to the water - I am so in for the beach walk.  I wonder if our tree houses will overlook the water?

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  6. I'm in for pancakes by the pool - be there in a few minutes - need to take a picture of that black swan that just floated by my balcony.  My ebird list for the trip is growing.  🙂  And I'm in for the mint trip as well.  My birding vest has all sorts of pockets designed to hold things.  Do you think it will look to out of place on a tour?  I don't want to miss out on any ahem potential souvenirs or ephemera for future scrapping.

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  7. Phew!  I managed to slip on board just before the ship sailed for Australia. I have never been on a Scrap Girls world tour so am excited and a little nervous.  Obviously, I am already behind not having seen this till today so I won't mind any hints seasoned travelers can give me.  Thankfully there is a room left with a balcony.  It also has a coffee maker. I am leaving my hubby behind and when we travel, he always seeks out a fresh cup of coffee for me from the breakfast nook of wherever we are.  I'll do my best to play catch up.

    • What is your favorite vacation memory?
    • I took a trip to Ireland in 2012 that included all my husband's siblings and their spouses. My sister-in-law had been there on a previous trip and when she went to Paulstown where the Shortall family originated from she found the family headstone in the cemetery of a small church.  It had fresh flowers, so she left a message in a baggie under the flower pot that gave her name and email address.  Long story short we connected with the branch of the family that stayed behind in Ireland when the others immigrated to the US. They invited us into their home and took us on a tour that included the original Shortall family homestead site. We still connect via Facebook and email.
    • How many pairs of shoes do you pack and what styles?
    • 2 - a pair of sandals and a good pair of walking shoes. I'm a retired nurse and my retirement scrubs are basically jeans and tee shirts and sweatshirts.  If dress up is required I am in trouble.
    • If you could travel anywhere in the world (with no war or political upheaval), where would it be?
    • Sweden - My maternal grandfather immigrated from this country and there was a strong sense of connection with that heritage. Interesting genealogy fact.  When my grandma married a Swedish immigrant in 1916 he did not become eligible for citizenship in the US because of the marriage.  She had to give up her citizenship to marry him.  A busy Mom who had seven children it took a good number of years for her to reapply and get the citizenship back. 
    • How many Scrap Girls World Tours have you been on? Did you have a favorite destination or mode of 
    • This is my first.  One of my favorite places to visit is Acadia in Maine.
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