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  1. I like the use of the larger photo on the left with the title.  Sounds like a fun visit.  Isn't it fun to watch the kids do their sports?  Smart choice to just watch.  I sometimes think I have missed seeing the whole of performances trying to capture a picture. 

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  2. How exciting to be planning new adventures.  That sweater will be perfect for traveling. You are such a talented knitter. And lucky you to have spring blooms already. You have combined the pictures well. I like how you use the torn notebook pages for your journaling.

  3. I like how you have combined the embellishments with photos to show your month.  Bet that 15 inches of snow was challenging. We expect that here and have strangely had very little. I don't miss it though.

  4. A great collection of photos - life looks busy despite the cold weather - we have done some hibernating on this end on the coldest days. I really like the stitching on your template and how you numbered the photos to go along with the journaling.

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  5. I like the way you presented the photos in the strip with the challenge listed next to it. It's quite a challenge to do a photo a day.  I wish you luck!  I like your colors and the contrast the flowers give. Nicely done! 

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