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  1. *sylvia*

    remember this

    2WorldsArt | artsy template 12 2WorldsArt | believe 2WorldsArt | painted papers 1 photo credit | guenther dillingen | pixabay [ altered with photoshop ]
  2. mimes1

    #1_2Worlds Art

    Bloom Biggie Collection Mixed Media Pieces Set 1
  3. pachimac


    From the album: Susan Pacillo

    I used the blue background from the Believe mini kit with the grey acrylic background paper from the Acrylic Textures Paper Pack and blended them together.I took the Door out of the Doors and Windows Transfers and made it into a photo mask for the photo and then blended that into the background too.I used the blue mandala from the Artsy Mandalas Transfers and blended that into the background as well.
  4. I saw this template and knew it'd be perfect for this challenge - 7+ hexagons! Saturday Scraplift template by Jenifer Juris, 2 World’s Art Mixed Media Brushes, You’re My Wildflower by AHA, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Ar and Co.
  5. 2worlds Art ARtsy TEmplate 12 Charcoal masks Acrylic Paper Texture Bloom collection https://store.scrapgirls.com/designers/2WorldsArt.html

    © Jana Oliveira

  6. Jana_2worldsart


    2worldsart photo effect template Waterblends brushes charcoal masks brushes https://store.scrapgirls.com/designers/2WorldsArt.html Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/or2nEYKl2_I

    © Jana Oliveira

  7. Video process of my new template 12
  8. My plug and play template is live and I hope you enjoy the ability of not having to think how to have a paint effect in photoshop just plug your picture and done in this video I also show how to take one step further. This template is just for Photoshop buy here Video
  9. From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    I used 2Worlds Artsy Template 12: Artsy Template 12 (scrapgirls.com) The background is created with several different papers from the Acrylic Textures Papers: Acrylic Paper Textures (scrapgirls.com) Also used: Artsy Buildings Overlay Set 1: Overlays: Artsy Buildings Set 1 (scrapgirls.com), Artsy Grunge Masks:Artsy Grunge Masks (scrapgirls.com) and Artsy Goods Set 2: Artsy goods 2 (scrapgirls.com) Font: Cardinal Regular; Pictures are mine.

    © cherylndesigns

  10. Driftwood by Meryl Bartho, Waterblends Brushes by 2WA, Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Budmo Jiggler, Daydream and Lightning Script. Photos are by Jessica Lindsey.
  11. I have new Charcoal masks in the shop with brushes. I did a new tutorial. Shop here make sure to like the video
  12. CherylN

    Secret Garden

    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    New in the store and currently on sale: 2Worlds Artsy Mandalas: artsy mandala (scrapgirls.com) 2Worlds Artsy Digital Charcoal Masks: Charcoal Masks (scrapgirls.com) 2Worlds Artsy Digital Doors and Windows Transfer Elements: doors and windows transfers (scrapgirls.com) 2Worlds Artsy Digital Salted Watercolor Papers: Salted Watercolor Papers (scrapgirls.com) - not included in the current sale. Font: Cardinal Regular
  13. *sylvia*


    2 worldsart digital | painted papers 1 2 worldsart digital | artsy mandalas 2 worldsart digital | charcoal masks 2 worldsart digital | doors and windows #1 photo credit | halayalex | freepik [ altered with photoshop ]
  14. mcurtt

    Doors & Windows

    From the album: 2Worlds Art

    2WorldsArt Digital: New for July 14, 2023 - at ScrapGirls Artsy Mandalas: https://store.scrapgirls.com/Artsy-Mandalas-Transfers.html Doors & Windows 1: https://store.scrapgirls.com/Doors-and-Windows-Transfers-Elements.html Charcoal Masks: https://store.scrapgirls.com/Charcoal-Masks.html Also used Painted Papers set 1, not included in the new release: https://store.scrapgirls.com/Painted-Papers-set-1.html
  15. This tutorial can work perfectly in any software
  16. mcurtt


    From the album: 2Worlds Art

    2WorldsArt Digital - Re-release for July 7, 2023 - at ScrapGirls Design Shop https://store.scrapgirls.com/Mini-Kit-Believe.html
  17. CherylN


    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    One of my favorite scenes from SW Florida. I used 2Wolds Art Digital Template #6: Artsy Template #6 (scrapgirls.com) and 2Worlds Art Digital Bloom Biggie Collection: Bloom Biggie Collection (scrapgirls.com)
  18. CherylN


    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    Created for 2Worlds Art Digital using the new Mini Kit Believe, now in the Scrap Girls Design Shop. mini kit (scrapgirls.com)
  19. From the album: 2WorldsArt Digital

    "Believe" Mini Kit and "Mixed Media Girls" Set1 all by 2WorldsArt Digital
  20. Bloom Collection by 2 Worlds Art Digital
  21. CherylN


    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    Artsy Goods 2: Artsy goods 2 (scrapgirls.com) Dynamic Brush Acrylic Set: Dynamic Brush: Acrylic Set 1 (scrapgirls.com) Tool: Magical Gradients: Magical Gradients (scrapgirls.com)
  22. From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    2Worlds Art Digital Bliss Mini Kit: Bliss Mini Kit (scrapgirls.com); 2Worlds Art Digital Artsy Textures: Artsy Textures (scrapgirls.com); 2Worlds Art Digital Sticker Set 2: Sticker Set 2 (scrapgirls; 2Worlds Geo Masks 1: Geomasks (scrapgirls.com)
  23. CherylN

    Be Amazed

    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    I used: 2 Worlds Water Grunge Papers: Watergrunge Paper Set 1 (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Gesso Textures Vol 1: Gesso Textures Vol 1 (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Mixed Media Pieces: Mixed Media Pieces Set 1 (scrapgirls.com) photo is my granddaughter.
  24. From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    Created using 2 Worlds Art Digital New Releases for 2/24/23: 2 Worlds Art Digital Artsy Transfer Artsy Transfer (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Art Digital Paper Transfers Paper Transfers (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Art Digital Salted Watercolor Papers Salted Watercolor Papers (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Art Digital Sticker Set 1 sticker set
  25. CherylN


    From the album: 2Worlds Art Digital

    Created with 2 Worlds Art Digital Artsy Template 8: Artsy Template 8 (scrapgirls.com) 2 Worlds Lights Set 1: Loops set 1 (scrapgirls.com), 2 Worlds Butter and Impasto Styles: Butter and Impasto Styles (scrapgirls.com) and Loops #1: Loops (scrapgirls.com) Font is Holiday Romance Regular. I also used the styles for the title and subtitle.
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