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  1. mimes1


    Verdant Visions Value Pack: Primavera Herbarium Paper Pack (Solid off white paper)
  2. Value Pack: Storyteller ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Fusion Masks Photo by Frank Frost
  3. Each state had a chosen building, I just happen to live near the Utah building. The St George LDS Temple. BMU_firehouse collection.
  4. https://store.scrapgirls.com/Blooms-In-Bloom-2-Templates-by-Miss-Fish.html ABR_Scenic Route AFT_Styles_VelumBorders BMU_Styles_Rustic Wire CKH_Birthday Partay
  5. Chasing Dragonflies Ready Set Blend 1 Templates by Miss Fish (flipped and mask only)
  6. Celestine

    Ten Toes

    Brandy Murry Chasing Dragonflies Miss Fish Dreamy Blends #2 Templates Photos: Dave Lewis
  7. Chasing Dragonflies by Brandy Murry
  8. Peek Through Style by Jennifer Juris, Free Template by SCD for ALFLT, Madison County by BMU, Life Papers Styles by AFT, Real Butterflies by DRB, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Absinthe and Sileighty. Photos are from Pixabay.
  9. In Lights. Curled and Torn Frames, Curled and Torn Papers and Shadow Styles by SNU, Swap Meet by GWH, Madison County by BMU, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR. Font is Haned. Photo is from Pixabay
  10. Between by BMU, Blendology by ABR, Dog Gone It Alpha by TMD, Autumn Blessings by GWH, Creative Fabrica, Be Still by KK, Art Crush by ABR, Texture Mask by Glen Dewis, Bundle of Joy by SRO, Winter Time by xuper, Shadow Styles by SNU.
  11. Toon Artist Photoshop Action, Wordsmith and Shadow Styles by SNU, Comic Text Style by JY, Summer Cottage by BMU & ABR. Fonts are Festival Comedy and Idea Type. Photos are from Pixabay.
  12. Hinged Photo Frames by KP, Handmade Brushes by LLO, Wesley’s Christmas Collection by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Oceanside Typewriter.
  13. Journaling: Welcome to Possum town, aka Columbus, MS. Where the mosquitoes are as big as crows, but the mayor has a penchant for possums … Once upon a time, Possum Town did exist. It was the name of Columbus before the town incorporated in 1821. Possum Town was so named because of a local trader named Spirus Roach, who resembled an opossum. I used Roadmap by BMU, Artful Expressions by Vicki Robinson, Shadow Styles by SNU. Fonts are Pea Tara and Brotthers Sans
  14. Partial Page Masks 03 by KP, Americana Blues by AFT, Old Glory by TS, Madison County by BMU, Dirty Paper Styles by LAS, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is VVDS_Le Bonjour. Photo is from somewhere on the www - I “rescued” it, lol.
  15. Primavera Collection Blended and Framed Templates #1 by Miss Fish Grace Collection Biggie (Alpha)
  16. Handmade by LLO, Bookshelf Solids Neutrals by KP, Textile Styles by PJU, Metalizers Styles by LAS, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Book of Scraps & One Yellow Paper by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU, Font is Paper Phil.
  17. Journaling: Some say the universal language is love, others say music - but I say coffee! A nice cup of joe paired with a yummy, warm cinnamon roll sounds like heaven to me! The smell alone puts my mind at ease. No matter where you are, you can always find a great local coffee house - even if it’s in your own kitchen! I used 52 Inspirational Template 2021 by Vickie Stegall, Between by BMU, Wordsmith and Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Times New Roman. Photo is from Urban House Espresso Bar & Bistro in Henderson, TN.
  18. I scrap lifted Brandy Murry: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/157406-bmu-ssemb-printerdrawer-lo-600/. Gypsy Rose and Madison County by BMU, Letterpress by DRB, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Kepler.
  19. Winter Wishes by GWH, Favorite Memories Masks by FLORJU, Travel Journal by BMU, Crazy Plant Lady by AHA, Embrace Hope by CWX, Shadow Styles by SNU. Font is Humble.
  20. Nature Walks Masks by ABR, Winter Wonderland by CWX, Madison County by BMU, Shadow Styles by SNU. Photo is from Pexels. Font is Kepler.
  21. Amy D

    iNSB_MAY Challenge

    Gypsy Rose by BMU, Elysian Frames by AFT, Shadow Styles by SNU, Grunged Up Alpha by KP, Vintage Hand Vol07 Brushes by SRO, Miss Mash Mixed Media by SB. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  22. I made the layered donut brushes and background! Unconditional Gloss Styles by CKI, Blue Skies by OAWA, Embossed Bundle by BMU, Art Crush Glitter Styles by ABR, Shadow Styles by SNU. Cute cat is from Creative Fabrica. Fonts are Humble and Like Father Like Son.
  23. I'm taking the Brush Master 101 class! Shadow Styles by SNU, One Yellow Paper and XL Number Brushes by BMU, Distressed Overlays by LAS, Watery Text Brushes by KP. Font is Bohemian Typewriter.
  24. Travel Journal by BMU, Everyday Stories by SNU, Shadow styles by SNU. Font is Chalk Title. I scrap lifted one of the sample layouts in BMU's Travel Journal.
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